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Anahí and Dulce María could sing together in a new song

Anahí and Dulce María could sing together again in a new song (Photos: Instagram/@anahi/@[email protected]/ Getty Images)

Most mixed Mexican pop bands have had the misfortune of having great female rivalries that over time have made the idea of ​​a reunion impossible, as is the case of Timbiriche with Thalía and Paulina Rubio. However, with RBD Since 2009 with his separation he had painted a different panorama that in 2022 was complicated.

Sweet Maria debuted on the successful tour The 2000s Pop Tour on June 10 at the Mexico City Arena, reliving the group’s greatest hits, causing euphoria among its followers as it even recreated its look inside the soap opera Rebel (2004). However, a day later Anahí returned to the stage with the world urban hit Carol Gsinging the most successful song of RBD, Save me.

This situation made social networks, the media and public opinion not stop talking about the interpreter of Mia Colucci, generating annoyance in the fans of his partner and being the reason why a possible estrangement between the two was rumored. Although Dulce María has already denied everything, a possible return of the two to music within a new song could be the final support that things are fine.

The RBDs have assured that they do not have any kind of problem (Photo: Instagram/@anahi)
The RBDs have assured that they do not have any kind of problem (Photo: Instagram/@anahi)

In April of this year, the nascent singer of social networks Leon Leiden shared that he had a surprise project from the hand of Sofia Reyes in honor of the group that created hits like Just be quiet, our love either to be or to seem. At that time the idea even reached the hands of Anahí and since then a campaign has been carried out in TikTok for the project to give birth. Christian Chavez joined and even shared how he recorded his part, however the song remained completely anonymous.

Therefore, the talented young man spoke with Infobae Mexico about the statutes of the song, confirming the participation of the two RBD and the reasons why their parts are not yet recorded, although they also asked the fans of the group for patience, because the actresses’ work schedules are complicated and they need to get together.

“We are working on it, I am going to tell you how things are: my priority regarding this project is total transparency and you know that RBD is a project consisting of individuals and each individual has another agenda. With Christian, the approach has been easier because he is very constantly in communication with me and my team, ”she began.

After the interpreter of “Roberta Pardo” debuted on the tour ‘Los 2000s Pop Tour’ and that of “Mia Colucci” sang with Karol G ‘Sálvame’, there was talk of an alleged rivalry and estrangement between the RBD.

“But well, you already saw that publicly Anahí and Dulce got involvedthen we are in the process of coordinating that logisticsat the end of the day the song is ready to be recorded and we are just waiting for the space on the agenda to record it but I still, let’s say, I want you to know that it is not a project that is abandoned in the least”, he finished.

“We are all part of the Rebel generation”: Dulce denied conflict with Anahí

Before the cameras of come the joythe actress broke the silence about the estrangement rumors: “I think it was a great moment what happened when I returned to the stage in The 2000s Pop Tour On June 10, after four years of not being on stage, it was an impressive thing where obviously the nostalgia that exists in people and in a generation of seeing RBD was felt.

(Twitter capture)
(Twitter capture)

“The day after she sang with Karol G I think it was rather a double celebration and a double happiness for the generation Rebel that obviously what they claimed is why we were not together. That later she and I talked about: ‘What a coincidence, it would have been incredible that for a little bit we got together’”, he commented.


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