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Ana Victoria and her one-month-old son were infected with covid-19 shortly after Diego Verdaguer

In January of this year, the show business was surprised after the sudden death of Diego Verdaguer. The singer died as a result of covid-19, something that his family kept private until it was revealed that the Argentine had been hospitalized for several days and unfortunately could not recover.

In an interview for windowingAmanda Miguel and Ana Victoria spoke about the moment in which the singer had to being hospitalized due to the strong symptoms that he presented derived from covid-19.

Ana Victoria, daughter of Diego Verdaguer and Amanda Miguel, explained that she gave birth to her baby in November 2021 and that a few days later her parents were infected with the virus, so it was difficult for her not to be able to be with them and try to help them.

“It was a very strong emotional collapse, on the one hand I wanted to enjoy this stage of being a mother and having a baby and a few days dad began to feel bad and with it the stress of helping as much as he could, but not being able to. Being there for my father and my newborn baby was an impressive emotional contrast”.

The singer also said that a short time later she and her son tested positive for covid-19, so further complicated the situation, as she did not want her baby to be hospitalized.

“We were all sick, I was very worried about Lucca (her son) because the medical issue in the United States is if the little baby has such a high fever, you have to take him to the emergency room. They didn’t want to help me so I tried to find great doctor friends in Mexico who assisted me and managed to access medication before Lucca got worse. I was in bed for 25 days and in that process my dad and mom were super sick and I couldn’t do anything to help them, the distance, the contagion, was very strong.

Amanda Miguel mentioned that she, like her husband she was hospitalized, but she only spent about two days in the hospital and that upon entering this place they separated her from Diego Verdaguer.

“I feel that Diego was affected by the fact that we could not be together, and I was in the hospital for two days. I couldn’t see him, we saw him on the phone and we talked every day.”

For her part, Ana Victoria commented that her family has always been very healthy, but Unfortunately, his father’s body did not resist covid-19.

“We were always very healthy people and my father’s body could not sustain it.”

Finally, Diego Verdaguer’s daughter was honest and He said that he still struggles with the aftermath of covid-19, since sometimes it’s hard for him to breathe.

“Exercise counts for me, breathing and there are times on stage that I can’t”.


Reference from www.milenio.com

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