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Ana Seradilla married a year ago in Tulum: she shares it on the network (photo)

Ana Seradilla married a year ago in Tulum: she shares it on the network (photo)

ana seradilla He knows how to keep secrets! exactly a year later Marry the banker Raul Martínez Ostos on July 4, 2020. The actress shared the news with her followers.

Everyone came to know from a recent Instagram post in which Ana Seradilla posted a picture with Ostos, Former husband of actress and model Martha ChristinaCelebrating your first wedding anniversary.

“Luckiest Woman”

“I think The luckiest woman to share life with you! You make everything more beautiful by your side. I love you”, said the protagonist of novels like My friend’s marriage, tired of kissing frogs u Donna Flor and her two husbands A people in Spanish.

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Mana wedding day hairstyle

For his part, stylists furtz pedraza He congratulated the couple and shared pictures of the actress’ wedding dress.

Congratulations dear Ana Seradilla and Raul Martinez Ostos“He added. Pedraza also celebrated the 2 Onion hairstyle with bangs” which the actress would have worn on her wedding day.

a simple dress with a neckline

Ana Seradilla appears in the picture of Pedraza With a dress with a large neckline in front that revealed her back. Lighter in colour, the dress has pink detailing – and the bride also wore a lattice that covered half of her face.

When did husband and wife meet now?

actress and banker They started their relationship in 2018. a year later they got engaged And he said the wedding would be a private event, which was not canceled even by a global pandemic.

Ana Seradilla’s bachelorette party was held in Tulum, and they were attended as guests. Gretel Valdez, Ileana Fox, adriana louvier u rosio verdejo.

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