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Ana Obregón devastated after the death of her father: Take good care of my son

Ana Obregon He has used his social networks to communicate the death of his father, Anthony Garciato whom she was very attached.

When the actress had not yet recovered from the death of her only son Alex Lequio at the age of 27 due to cancer on May 13, 2020, and the loss of his mother in May 2021; now the Spanish has had to face the departure of her father.

With an emotional message, she wanted to dedicate some beautiful words to her father and thank him for everything he did for her in life. She has even asked him for one last favor related to her child.

“Dear dad. Last night you left us. It was like a roar that crossed the sky to reunite with mom, the love of your life and with my son, your favorite grandson,” Obregón began.

“You have lived 96 years; difficult in your childhood when you had to start working during the war when you were just a 12-year-old boy cleaning pigsties, but with your passion and tireless work for 70 years you managed to create a great company,” he continued.

“I have collected millions of unique moments with you that I keep tattooed on my heart and that I will now use to be able to continue breathing because in two years you have left me an orphan of parents and son”, referring to the most important losses of his life.

“Now the three people I love the most in my life are not here with me and I swear, dad, I don’t know how I’m going to do it. It’s a privilege and a great honor to be your daughter. Thank you so much,” she said.

“Please take good care of my son until he arrives,” he asked at the end.

Ana Obregón has always been characterized as an optimistic person with a big smile on her face. However, after her son’s cancer diagnosis in 2018, the driver’s luck changed completely and she is now struggling to recover from the tragedies that have been happening to her.

The Spaniard will be a very familiar person and whenever work allows it, she spends most of her time with her son and her parents. Now, she will have to take refuge in her sisters so that all together they can overcome this duel.

At the same time, he focuses all the energy he has left on the foundation he created dedicated to his son and which raises funds for research into Ewing’s sarcoma, a cancer that occurs mainly in children and young adults, as was the case with Álex .

Reference from peopleenespanol.com

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