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Ana María Canseco returns to Despierta América just to “humiliate” Karla Martínez (PHOTOS)

  • Ana María Canseco was back in Despierta América
  • The communicator and journalist was as a mere guest on the show
  • People compared her to Karla Martinez and not in a good way

Ana María Canseco has been out of Despierta América for several months and this Wednesday in her most recent broadcast, the communicator and journalist returned to be a guest, but people could not believe how she looked and even compared her to Karla Martínez, who has recently been criticized for his physical appearance ‘greatly changed’.

And it is that the blonde was sheathed in a black blouse with flower embroidery that accentuated her visibly slimmer figure and accompanied by tight denim pants that rescued her silhouette so that the comments about her physical appearance did not take long… but what? harmed Karla Martínez?

Ana María Canseco ‘reappeared in Despierta América causing a sensation

Ana Maria Canseco in Wake up America

Ana María Canseco posed with her ex companions from Despierta América very happy and in photos accompanied by Raúl González, Karla Martínez and Francisca they commented on many things that did not leave the Mexican woman standing well, who continues in the show but whose physical appearance has changed so much that people criticize her.

And it is that, in recent photographs, Karla Martínez with the desire to look younger has managed to impact everyone with her slimmer figure, with more youthful outfits, her hair in a different way but something that has attracted attention is her face because she he looks more retouched and swollen as if he had made ‘fixes’ that do not necessarily favor him.

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