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Ana María Alvarado reveals what happened after the fight with Gustavo Adolfo Infante: “They asked him to offer an apology”

The discussion of Gustavo Adolfo Infante with Joanna Vega-Biestro and Ana Maria Alvarado in the sun rises generated many reactions on social networks, some of which were very prominent those that other celebrities had against the owner of the program First handfor example: Sergio Mayer and Alfredo Adame.

Given all this scandal, Alvarado decided to tell how he lived this moment through a video on his YouTube channel, where he also revealed what happened after the lawsuit: “Me and Joanna were asked to try to work things out, and he was asked to offer an apology.”.

Sergio Mayer and other celebrities attack Gustavo Adolfo Infante for arguing with Joanna Vega- Biestro

First, the communicator assured that this situation was not planned: “It was not planned, how do you think. In fact, at first those who were in the forum did not know what was happening in Párajos en el wire, they thought it was a normal discussion. We have never done planned discussions and no one has a character.”

Then Anna Maria He said that the discussion began with two notes: one about Sergio Mayer and the other about Sherlyn: “The difference with Gus began there because he thought we were contradicting his notes, because he has invited Natália Subtil to his program, but it is not contradicting the notes, space is given to both versions”.

“Could it be that Giovanni Medina and Sherlyn are boyfriends? That was the question at the beginning of the note. (…) Coming back from the note we said: ‘They’re friends’, and that’s when Gus says: ‘What’s happening is that he’s talking to me and they shouldn’t make things up’, and that’s where the discussion begins, because he did talk to Giovanni and We don’t,” he added.

What happened after the discussion with Gustavo Adolfo Infante?

After this discussion,there were meetings with Gus, with us, separately; they talked to us, they explained to us the intention of the channel and, of course, that they do not want these differences to exist; In fact, they asked us not to do something like this again, and they are absolutely right because we have to have respect for you who are the public, ”said the journalist.

Likewise, He acknowledged that the situation “got out of control because he was upset with us. Now in First hand offered an apology for the situation. I’m sorry because that shouldn’t happen on a team, on a show.”

“Because of the pea they told us: ‘Please now, move on to something else’but since we were all aware of the situation and angry, worried and nervous, we didn’t even listen well anymore, until someone from the production made a sign to me and that’s why I went in: ‘We’re going to solve it later,'” he said about his intervention to try to defuse the fight.

Ana María said that Gustavo Adolfo Infante “I have known him for many years and I am not here to speak ill of him. I agree much more in opinions with Joanna, but that does not mean that we are against him or Kaffie”.

And he delved into the indications they received from their bosses: “The indication was: ‘Solve the problem, talk about it’. I don’t know what the company is going to decide, but us on the board, me and Joanna, were asked to try to work things out, and he was asked to apologize, which he did.”.

Lastly, the presenter the sun rises revealed that “Gus sent me a message, I already told him that we are calm, that we follow the orders of the company and that this does not happen again, which is what they have asked us. Believe me, it’s a very uncomfortable situation.”


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