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Ana Gabriel died? the truth is known

  • Ana Gabriel died?
  • They confirm what happened to the Mexican singer
  • Through a post they announce news

DID ANA GABRIEL DIE? After a series of rumors that were released on social networks, the alleged death of the Mexican regional music singer, Ana Gabriel, emerged and it was revealed what really happened. Through the singer’s official profile, they broke the silence and pointed out what happened.

On various platforms, news about the death of the singers or characters of the show has been released, which on many occasions is usually false; for that reason, artists often take to their social media accounts and tell their fans that they’re “alive and kicking,” because concern immediately begins to surface.



Through social networks, the rumor of the possible death of the Mexican regional music singer, Ana Gabriel, began to emerge. Through the profile of the interpreter of “El Cigarrillo”, it was announced that it happened and it was the singer herself who broke with this false news, telling her followers that she had received several calls to check her well-being, so she decided to answer.

“Good day to all. Today in the morning I have woken up with many missed calls and messages from family and friends because of this news”, declared the Mexican singer on Instagram, sharing an image where you can see a black bow, a coffin and Ana Gabriel singing; In the false news, it was reported that the interpreter had recently died, which caused the concern of her fans and relatives.

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