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Ana Claudia Talancón is criticized in networks for strange behavior at the premiere of ‘Soy Tu Fan’

Ana Claudia Talanconfamous actress, is trending on social networks, because during the premiere of the film I’m your fan He showed a behavior that for many was strange. Very cheerful and with a different way of speaking, The protagonist of the film was recorded in several videos that are already circulating on social networks.

It was through various social networks that the way in which Ana Claudia Talancón appeared at the premiere of the film began to become visible. I’m your fan.

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With a black dress with cut out openings and sequins, Ana Claudia Talancón began to attract attention. However, his attitude was what took the night. And it is that she was happy, although with an unusual attitude and at times with unintelligible words when speaking.

“Thanks to that love -of the fans- this movie and new season of Soy Tu Fan have been given, and they will be delighted because it is very good,” said Ana Claudia Talancón in a meeting with the media.

On the red carpet, the famous almost fell. In addition, she managed to make Martín Altomaro uncomfortable, as seen in the following video:


@talancon_art is the happiest for the Soy Tu fan movie and she showed it on the pink carpet #loveit

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Ana Claudia Talancón arrived very happy on the pink carpet at the premiere of ‘I’m Your Fan: The Movie’ #I’m your fan #soytufanlapelicula #anaclaudiatalancon #martinaltomaro #pinkcarpet #premieremexico #actress

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As expected, the uncomfortable moment has immediately gone viral with multiple reactions on social networks. Although it has received criticism, most of them support it. They ask not to magnify this incident. What do you think?

“And what do you have? She was happy “; “I was in the role of Charly”; “Leave her alone”; “I come to my job the same way, what does she have?”; “She is celebrating, it is not for less”, she reads herself between the reactions.


Between pushing and shouting, Ana Claudia Talancón reappeared in the question and answer sections with the press and this is what happened. #anaclaudiatalancon #talancon #I’m your fan #soytufanlaserie #soytufanlapelicula #premiere #gossip #Red carpet

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