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Ana Claudia Talancón apparently arrived drunk on the red carpet of her film

  • They capture the actress in an apparent state of drunkenness on the red carpet.
  • Ana Claudia Talancón attended the premiere of her film ‘drunk’.
  • He put the actor Martín Altomaro in trouble with his behavior.

Ana Claudia Talancon movie. Celebrities do not escape from the eye of the camera, because this would not be the first time that a famous person is in evidence after spending an extremely embarrassing moment. An actress was caught on the red carpet apparently drunk, but what happened?

Today social networks are used to share all kinds of information and content, as long as it is of social interest. Reason why many celebrities tend to be placed right in the eye of controversy when personal moments are shared by themselves or by some media.

They catch a beloved actress in an inconvenient state on the red carpet

Ana Claudia Talancon movie

A few hours ago a video began to echo on these platforms after a Mexican actress was exposed, since apparently the singer would also have appeared at an important event in a completely inconvenient state in front of various media.

The video was shared by the ‘Venga La Alegría’ account within the Instagram platform, as her press team attended the red carpet of the movie ‘Soy tu fan’, so at the time of capturing various moments and interviewing her They exclusively noticed strange behavior in Ana Claudia Talancón. Filed Under: Ana Claudia Talancón film.

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