Home Entertainment Ana Bejerano, singer of Mocedades, dies

Ana Bejerano, singer of Mocedades, dies

Ana Bejerano, singer of Mocedades, dies

The Basque singer Ana Bejerano, soloist of the Spanish group Mocedades after replacing the mythical Amaya Uranga, has died at the age of 60 in the Urdúliz Hospital (Vizcaya), in the north of Spain, due to a serious problem in the digestive system, according to his surroundings in a statement. And the entire Iberian peninsula was plunged into the deepest pain, since she was a very beloved artist.

Ana Bejerano joined Mocedades as a soloist in 1984, at just 24 years old, replacing the legendary Amaya Uranga, who in 1983 announced her voluntary withdrawal from the group.

Thus, Ana Bejerano became a key figure in the band, after more than a hundred young singers would have unsuccessfully performed the test to replace the first vocalist.

The death occurred this Saturday at 7 in the morning at the hospital where she was admitted on December 11.

Ana Bejerano Had Two Different Moments As A Singer Of Mocedades.  Photo: Efe

Ana Bejerano had two different moments as a singer of Mocedades. Photo: EFE

The importance of continuing

“Ana’s voice ensured our continuity after Amaya’s departure, it was essential for Mocedades,” recalls its leader Javier Garay, the last of the so-called historical six in the formation, according to the statement of the producer that has spread his death.

Ana Bejerano thus filled the void that Amaya had left and recorded three albums during her first stage: Colors (1986), We will survive (1987) e Intimately (1992), where they recovered their folk roots.

In 1993, the singer Ana Bejerano left Mocedades to undertake other projects, such as the founding of the Txarango quintet, along with two historical Mocedades, Roberto Uranga Y Jose Ipiña.

Back and forth, in a second youth

At the request of Javier Garay, Ana Bejerano sang again in Mocedades in 2018.

In 2021 they resumed their 50th anniversary tour and premiered their new song That the world does not end, which gave them new success and renewed their popularity.

In this return after the pandemic, they filled the New Alcalá Theater in Madrid with a great tribute concert, in which the singers Tamara, Lucrecia, Diana Navarro and Sole Giménez also participated.

During the following months, according to the producer, Mocedades and Ana Bejerano lived “a second youth”, selling out almost all the seats in their concerts.

Amaya Uranga, The Mythical Voice Of Mocedades Who Was Replaced By Ana Bejerano.

Amaya Uranga, the mythical voice of Mocedades who was replaced by Ana Bejerano.

An elegant voice, at the service of the people

According to Javier Garay, Ana Bejerano “has been one of the most elegant Basque voices since the 1980s”.

“He could sing with a jazz big band as well as accompanied by an acoustic guitar alone. His voice in the soprano tessitura covered many registers”, Garay, who has also highlighted the singer its versatility and good taste.

His manager José Antonio Alonso, from Talismán Management, has said that the first concert that Mocedades will do in 2022 will be a tribute to Ana Bejerano. His colleagues, reunited with the dire news, decided to open the year in this way.

Although the group will take time to recover from the loss of its soloist, the producer has affirmed that its continuity seems assured: “We have a planned tour in Spain and Latin America,” they said.

That tour is likely to bring them back to Argentina.

Source: EFE


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