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Ana Bárbara suffers an accident with her wardrobe in the middle of the show: “it happens to me to be crazy”

Ana Barbara continues with his live performances while serving as a judge for The academy. Although the singer has extensive experience on stage, at times she has had to face certain contingenciesjust like the one he experienced in one of his recent presentations due to a problem with his wardrobe.

The interpreter of Bandit He had an uncomfortable moment during a concert he offered in Veracruz in which he appeared wearing a long-sleeved gold bodysuit with shoulder pads, boots of the same color and a fringed skirt that he wore attached to the waist.

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In the video circulating on TikTok is observed at Ana Barbara along with a group of dancers executing a simple choreography, which contemplated hip movements and turns.

While performing the song “How little”, the famous turned slightly to the right and her skirt unbuttoned, fortunately the singer managed to grab her in the air before she went straight to the ground.

Like a true professional, Ana Bárbara continued singing while trying to cover her lower body with her skirt. However, the singer was visibly uncomfortable, because she did not know what to do.

They help Ana Bárbara in the middle of the show

It was then that the 51-year-old artist stopped her show for a few seconds to ask her dancers for help, who immediately ran to her aid and stood in front of her to cover her.

“Ahhh, wait for me a little, this happens to me because I’m crazy,” she said after requesting the help of her team.

The dancers continued dancing around her, while a member of the staff ran to where Ana Bárbara was to put her skirt back in place. Despite the embarrassment of the situation, the singer never left the microphone and continued to delight the public with her voice.


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