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An award-winning exclusive with Riccardo Hornos of Argentina

There were many smiling faces in the evening at Radio City Music Hall in the middle of Manhattan. 75th delivery of Tony Award It was a party, and one of its winners was an Argentine: Richard Horn,

is that company, Stephen Sondheim’s music, which won the statuette for Best Revival of a Musical, was a new award for this Argentine. Fourth. And with that Hornos completes the poker that has a maker BroadwayWith Tony Awards.

“There are four Tony categories to produce, this was exactly what I was missing,” he says happily from his Manhattan home. He had already won a Tony for Best Original Text Work. Curious incident of dog at midnight (2015), for Best Revival of a Drama (Angels in Americain 2018) and Best Original Music (Hadestownin 2019).

“From now until I win in the directing or artistic field, and that has a long way to go and it’s a fantasy, if I manage to win another statue it’s going to copy the one I already have.” Will,” he summarizes.

"The Company" was produced by Chris Harper and Katherine Schreiber, along with Argentinian Ricardo Hornos and Valentina Berger.  Reuters Photo

“The Company” was produced by Chris Harper and Katherine Schreiber, along with Argentinian Ricardo Hornos and Valentina Berger. Reuters Photo

What is the most satisfying thing about this award?

The most beautiful thing about this award is that it means the posthumous recognition of Stephen Sondheim, and what it means for musical theatre. In fact, it is somewhat bitter because, if it were not for the pandemic and the disruption caused by it, he would have enjoyed one last reward in life.

– Any other award for “company” made you happy?

-Yes, I also find it very gratifying that this particular staging has been chosen, among other things, because I have great admiration and friendship with the producers and the show’s director, the incomparable Marianne Elliot. He won his third Tony (in fact, the last ones received by the British war Horse You Curious incident of dog at midnight,

In 2019 tones, on stage after the consecration of "Hadstown".  Hornos is the first on the left.  photo file clarin

In 2019 tones, on stage after the consecration of “Hadstown”. Hornos is the first on the left. photo file clarin

Patti LuPone, who earned her third Tony Award for Supporting Actress companyand had already won as Best Leading Actress for a Musical in 1978 avoidand for the role of Rose in the 2008 musical revival Gypsy: A Musical Fable, thanked two actors, one from London’s West End, and the other from a Broadway production. “It was great to thank everyone who collaborated with the work, as the changes happened while crossing the Atlantic.”

-What was there?

-creative team, and Patti as co-stars. The play won the Olivier Prize in London in 2019, and is now repeated here with a different cast, but with the same creative staging. You may remember LuPone’s famous outburst when a spectator in the stalls, several weeks ago, had no mask in the room, and she yelled at him to put it on. The man did not budge, and told him that he was ultimately the one who paid her salary with his ticket, and he told her “No, Chris Harper pays me one of the producers of the work with Oven.”

Sondheim. more tribute to

And it provides a fact about the legendary Broadway musician and songwriter Sondheim, who passed away on November 26 last year. “You must have seen the tribute at the ceremony. And singing a song by Bernadette Peters in the woods, kids will listen, Well, it’s just been announced that the musical will return to the stage at the St. James Theatre, after giving a semi-stage concert three weeks ago, and because of the success, it will return.

"En la Mira", film with Nicolas Francella directed by Hornos.

“En la Mira”, film with Nicolas Francella directed by Hornos.

Hornos has everything in store for 2022, as apart from being a theater producer, he made his debut as a film director.

“On an already more personal level, it concludes a semester that could not have been better from an artistic point of view. Beginning with the success of moms In Mar del Plata and Buenos Aires, and then the premiere and beautiful tour in sightseeing In theaters, we now have to meet its imminent release on HBO Max. The truth is that it is difficult to ask for more from this 2022. Ah, sorry, I’ll ask one thing for November and December: that Messi win his World Cup.

-And then what are you planning for the second semester?

-For the second half of the year, in addition to going with film at international festivals, I have several projects in an advanced stage of development (at least half of them with Valentina Berger. I am about both theater and cinema) And maybe a series of them, with the wind by my side, maybe I can give myself the pleasure of directing another feature film in 2023.

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