Home Entertainment An Argentine policeman who poses in New York and is seen by...

An Argentine policeman who poses in New York and is seen by phone

An Argentine policeman who poses in New York and is seen by phone

The pandemic hastened technological changes and forcibly opened new avenues for subjects that threatened their continuity. Theatrical experiments like this came Intrigue in New York, An interactive fiction by video call from WhatsApp that happens in the great American city.

The protagonist is Ronen Suarc, who left his job as a conductor and journalist in Argentina to settle in the United States in 2019. From there, first in Miami and then in New York, he joined E! Being a correspondent for Entertainment Television, Telemundo Network and Club Media News, as well as Argentine Media. this year He presented his lesser known aspect: that of an actor..

How’s “Intrigue in New York”

Ronen Suark, In &Quot;Intrigue In New York&Quot;.

Ronen Suark, in “Intrigue in New York”.

In Intrigue in New YorkIn , Ronen Suark plays a television host who gets caught up in a cop comedy. Locations are your own apartments and no less than New York City, through which he scrolls and shows the audience through his cell phone camera.

During 35 minute experience, the protagonist goes through various states of mind, in a game mix with suspense, paranoia and humour. Always, with the viewer only as the audience, as well as an accomplice, via telephone.

“There is a certain intimacy, so a climate is generated first so that the audience enters the code”, Suark tells WhatsApp via video call.

“Then the conflict breaks out and Participants help solve it in real time. They are modifying the plot by their intervention: as if it were a book. choose your own adventure, various plot lines are opening up. All tasks are different and you never know where they might end up.”

journalist and actor

Ronan Suark.  His Face On A Phone During &Quot;Intrigue In New York&Quot;.

Ronan Suark. His face on a phone during “Intrigue in New York”.

As he developed his journalism career, Suarque studied theater with Roxana Randon (mother of Leo Sabraglia) and Mariano Cabrera. In New York, he conducted seminars at the Stella Adler Studio. Her performance in drama in her acting course is behind the words, in the L Frontier series, in the Microtheater (Miami), and in the new version of ugly Betty, which was recorded in Miami and New York.

Now he adds to this experience, which is part of coming one by one. “One day I was looking at director Ezequiel Hara Duck’s Instagram, and I saw he was talking about this format. I already knew his work, because I was one of his previous works with WhatsApp There was an audience of the show, which blew my mind. When the show was on, I thought I wanted to act there.”

Suark then wrote to Hara Duck, who is best known for his work on Radio Metro as a producer for Sebastian Weinreich for nine years, and who has been designing for a long time. Construction That Combines Theater and Technology. Ronan’s offer was to star in one of these novels in New York.

“The assembly process was fairly simple,” says Suark. “Hara Duck and Victoria Hladillo, screenwriters, created an entire script for me and this town, so that everything could be viewed on the small screen of a cell phone. They tell me the secrets of how these fantasies work, which is like a Coca-Cola formula for them, and we started rehearsing”.

There were several guinea pigs who took part in the experience to find what they were going to find and then made their return to complete the task, which became one of Ao’s most requested after a cycle.

circle at once

Ezequiel Hara Duck, Director Of Seasons One By One, Fictionalized By Cell Phone.  Photo: Gerardo Dell'Oro

Ezequiel Hara Duck, director of Seasons One by One, fictionalized by cell phone. Photo: Gerardo Dell’Oro

There are five fictions available to choose from, all directed by Hara Duck and a script by Haladillo, except The Transfer, a video call therapy session in which a stranger’s secrets are learned (with Cecilia Cosero and a script by Matteo Chiarino). ) )

In Neighbour, a musician (Manuel Vignou) tries to regain lost love. In get home, an impulsive artist (Leonardo Saggis) gets into trouble for a series of a Misunderstandings after checking partner’s cell phone.

In loan houseA singer (Sabrina Lara) under pressure must resolve an extreme situation. and in home workOverwhelmed by a flurry of virtual classrooms, a woman (Hladillo herself) conducts an observation that triggers nightmares of the house.

Intrigue in New York It’s 20 o’clock on a Saturday. With each ticket (its value is one thousand pesos) a maximum of three people – who are always known to each other – can participate by telephone. in more detail Visit the official site one by one. tickets are available theatrical option.