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An accident took away the great sound of Memphis LA Blucera

Today ten years have passed. On 12 June 2012, Adrian Otero, former leader of the Memphis La Blucera groupHe died after being involved in an accident with his vehicle on the Rosario-Córdoba highway at the height of the city of Ballesteros, 173 kilometers from the provincial capital of Córdoba.

His Honda car lost control and crashed against the central flower bed of the highway, while a person accompanying them was not hurt, police sources said.

The 53-year-old musician headed Memphis until 2008, a group he was a part of for nearly 30 years since his on-stage debut in 1978, and in which his distinctive voice was a hallmark.

At the time of his death, the musician was resuming his solo career.

At the time of his death, the musician was resuming his solo career.

“Iman”, his solo album

After the dissolution of Memphis, Otero began his solo career, and in August 2008 he produced the only album from this stage: magnet, He did two shows at La Trastienda for the occasion.

However, Otero’s second solo album was due to be released in a few days. On July 1, a job was being put up for sale, in which the singer lent her voice to different covers, all of them national rock. Appears in songs performed by Otero withfrom pappu,

With Valeria Lynch and Patricia Sosa

His last media appearance was in May of this year, when Otero appeared in dream of singing You Surprised one of the participants with Valeria Lynch and Patricia Sosa before singing, with,

In 2009, in an interview with bugle Told how he felt after leaving Memphis. “In recent years we’ve done a lot of work at parties where people go to dance. Shows were no downer. If you listen you’ll see that we included one blues per record; the rest were pasty with or without blues . The blues, to me, was a tangential thing. I’m from literature.”

go for the classics

Cheese, Moscato, Pizza and Faina, La Bifurcada or Most Beautiful Flowers for Men These are some of the hits that Adrian Otero has lent his voice to in Memphis.

“When we record big ass angels We did something that went towards pop, disco, which is what I love to do”, Otero explained in 2009 and added via Revelation. “Disco music, soul, music that doesn’t even have roots.

And if not, what do I have to dedicate myself to? tango? I already told you, tango is dead. And everything is repeated again and again, everything I hear has the same rhythm, the same crack. The pawns were never there. Mohra is a word that is used for making garbage.”

ghost of addictions

Adrian Otero’s life was transcended by music, blues, and in particular his group: Memphis La Bluesera. However, in 2008 he stepped down from the board and decided to step away from the band he had led for almost 30 years. One of the reasons that prompted him to make this decision, he must have discovered a few months back, It was in November 2007 when he was admitted to the hospital to fight his addictions.

The funeral, in the Buenos Aires Legislature, brought together an atmosphere of musicians and a large public who wanted to say their final goodbyes.

The funeral, in the Buenos Aires Legislature, brought together an atmosphere of musicians and a large public who wanted to say their final goodbyes.

drowned in what he defines A strong relapse to alcohol and cocaine, Otero sought help. This was explained in 2008 bugle, “I felt bad, stuck. I was in a rhythm that I couldn’t get out of. Work was always the same, I felt that Memphis had no destiny. It was emptiness in itself. And I was nothing Couldn’t contribute anything to do.”

With the help of a professional, he accepted the idea of ​​entering the hospital and starting from there, because for the singer everything was like being born again, according to his words. “It’s not good to be closed, but there was no other. In January I locked myself at the Parque Clinic in Parque Leloir. Look: I recently read a phrase by David Leban that seemed perfect to me: When you take cocaine, the spirit packs up and goes away.”, he said in the same interview.


Otero’s onstage appearances on songs such as “La bifurcada” or “Moscato, pizza y fana”, always give up on life.

He later said that he learned of his “addictive structure” and defined what he wanted for his future amid the turmoil. “I started slowly. I became aware of my addictive structure. I read a lot. One day I kneeled in bed and wrote a song for my wife. And I realized that Memphis belonged to a distant past. And that he could face a race alone.”

That’s exactly the solo career that was cut short 10 years ago with a fatal accident on the Rosario-Córdoba highway.


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