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Amparo ‘Amparín’ Serrano, creator of ‘Distroller’, died at the age of 56

This afternoon it was announced that Amparo ‘Amparín’ Serrano, founder of the ‘Distroller’ brand and former member of Flans, has died due to an accident.

Her daughter Camila West published an emotional message dedicated to her mother through a story on her Instagram profile:

“One-piece person, my mom. Throw away inside, outside I can’t express how much I love you, mom. That without you, this is not life, that you are granted the miracle that you have given to millions of people.

Amparo Serrano’s daughters say goodbye to the creator of ‘Distroller’ with emotional messages

“I love you infinitely and I ask everyone: pray for her, you know who she is and she is the coolest person the planet can have. My dear mom, I love you with all my soul and I hug you from another dimension where we can’t see each other right now.

Minutes after her death was confirmed, Camila, her daughter, published a series of photos and videos of some moments with her mother, accompanied by an emotional message.

“Creator of my being, that of my distroller sister, fanatic of making people feel good, supporting all of Mexico and half the world in every way, mom, daughter, grandmother, sister, friend, how could you leave like this, you had so much ahead of you, I don’t understand the protocol of this life and less without you”

Who was Amparo Serrano?

‘Amparín’ was a 100 percent Mexican designer. Entrepreneur and pioneer of imaginationn, who became known for his creative interpretation of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

He was born in Mexico in 1965, at a young age he began to be interested in crafts and other recreational topics. LaterAmparo or better known as ‘Amparín’ would create the popular Distroller brand, which has notebooks, toys, board games, clothes and endless objects with a cheerful and colorful design.

Distroller has a presence in nine countries: the United States, Spain, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Panama, Costa Rica and Ecuador and more recently, Argentina, with a view to continuing its growth outside of Mexico and maximizing its presence worldwide.

The Mexican firm was born in 2004 . “It all started with a board game called” El Picudo “, where the goal was to discover who was the most ‘mamilla'” refers to his website.

His departure from Flans

In an interview with Mara Patricia Castañeda, Amparo told why she left Flans.

“Mildred (Villafañe) kicked me out because she thought… In my house, out of all the freedom there was, there was a rule: finish a degree. So, I had to finish my design degree, and Mildred wanted her to drop that major and I couldn’t quit that major. Maybe she was afraid that at the mere hour she wouldn’t arrive… Now I understand her, not before and it took me a lot of work to recover from that.”

In that talk, he added: “When Mildred runs me… I thank her, because zero talent, I don’t understand how I dared. But then I launched a duet with another guy.


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