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Amparín Serrano: the mysterious chair that allegedly caused the death of the owner of Distroller

The Mexican designer passed away last Friday, August 12 (Photo: Twitter / @CarLon_2020)

The medium of entertainment and Mexican design is in mourning after last Saturday, August 12, it transpired the sensitive death of the artist Amparo Serranobetter known as Amparín and as the mastermind behind the Distroller franchise.

Although when the news was announced, social networks were flooded with messages of condolences or commemorative messages about his extensive artistic career, on these platforms also Rumors began to circulate about the circumstances under which the renowned graphic designer and former member of Custard lost his life.

It is worth mentioning that although in previous days one of her daughters had dedicated a message to her mother highlighting her strength for a delicate period of health that she was going through, No details of the 56-year-old designer’s death were provided. Therefore, speculation and rumors did not take long to appear on social networks.

One of the versions of netizens, published by the user @CarLon_2020 of Twitterindicates that Amparín Serrano presumably died from the wounds and blows he suffered while fall from a lift chair that the graphic designer had and used in her modern and peculiar mansion located south of Mexico City.

In the absence of details about his death, Internet users began to speculate on social networks (Photo: Twitter screenshot)
In the absence of details about his death, Internet users began to speculate on social networks (Photo: Twitter screenshot)

Different versions and witnesses have shared that the Mexican designer lived in a peculiar house in San Ángel and that one of the main attractions of her huge house was precisely an armchair that moves like an elevator in the middle of your room.

Unofficial sources stated that Amparín Serrano fell asleep in said chair and fell from a height of approximately six meters, which caused multiple injuries that culminated in the life of the renowned designer.

However, this information has not been confirmed by any member of his family, so has remained only a rumor and social media speculation.

Amparín Serrano and the legacy of Distroller

One of Amaparín Serrano's daughters said goodbye to her on social media (Photo: Facebook/Amparin Serrano account managed by Sandy Cagide)
One of Amaparín Serrano’s daughters said goodbye to her on social media (Photo: Facebook/Amparin Serrano account managed by Sandy Cagide)

Although until now the details of the death of Amaparín Serrano are unknown, the unfortunate event was confirmed on the afternoon of last Friday, August 12, so almost immediately both Social network users such as personalities from the entertainment world evoked one of his most important creations: the Distroller brand.

It was the first decade of the 2000s when in every corner of Mexico the caricatured image of the Guadalupe’s Virgin, one of the most religious signs and acclaimed by Mexican citizens.

With radiant and brilliant colors, Amparín Serrano managed to conquer the imagination of the public of all ages thanks to its unmistakable designs that, although they began with hand-painted gifts for her family and friends, later consolidated as a brand of international stature, achieving important sales and investments in Latin America and Spain.

Within the brand of this famous designer, the neonates, These are dolls with big eyes and cute appearance that simulate babies, these colorful creatures are divided into Ksimeritos, Sigotos, Premature and Mikromeritos. The history of these toys is that they come from the fictional planet Neonatitlán with the intention of looking for loving families, mainly they are “adopted” by young girls and boys.

Amparín Serrano's creativity spread on Distroller (Instagram screenshot/@amparinserrano)
Amparín Serrano’s creativity spread on Distroller (Instagram screenshot/@amparinserrano)

Suddenly, the slogan of Virgencita Plis began to become popular and to be seen in articles of daily use such as key rings, cushions, notebooks and even quilts and blankets that began to market Amparín Serrano’s designs.

Although the caricatured image of the Virgin of Guadalupe became perhaps the most famous figure in the Distroller world, Amparín Serrano’s creativity extended to the world of toys and, in various interviews, he confessed have been inspired by their daughters -Minnie and Camila West- to create the famous neonateshowever, it was with the character dr chui -who relieves all kinds of ills of the soul with “medicinal” chamoys- that the renowned Mexican designer began to lay the foundations of her legacy.

According to statements by Amparín Serrano, the idea of ​​these creatures arose after he realized that their own daughters did not have enough delicacy when it came to treating their petsso he thought of the Ksimeritos as a way to encourage the care of small beings in childhood.

Distroller's products achieved international fame (Photo: Twitter/@religiousgames)
Distroller’s products achieved international fame (Photo: Twitter/@religiousgames)

With his incomparable phrases in English written just as they sound in Spanish and with a wide and colorful catalog of various products, Amparín Serrano found in Distroller the financial stability that he had begun to structure from the beginning, when he was part of the Mexican pop group Flans and later in the duet Half Moon with the singer Pedro Garza.

In 2019 alone, news agencies EFE reported the extraordinary result that the presence of Distroller products generated on their arrival in Spain, reaching sales of just over 10 million euros and the opening of seven stores in various parts of the European country.

The success of the franchise was so great that even in 2014 Amparín Serrano signed an agreement with cartoon Network so that through said channel they could transmit small short films that would feature the Distroller characters as protagonists short adventures.

The Ksimeritos caused great controversy among the public (Photo: File)
The Ksimeritos caused great controversy among the public (Photo: File)

Despite the imminent success that the Distroller franchise began to consolidate in Latin American countries, Spain and even the United States, the arrival of the Ksimeritos also brought with it a wave of criticism for the Mexican designer Graduated from Anahuac University.

Initially, the acclaimed and popular neonates were severely criticized because, apparently, they gave strength to an anti-abortion discourse and promoted gender stereotypesIn the same way, they were accused of wanting to encourage motherhood in girls who still could not decide whether or not they wanted to be mothers.

For his part, Amparín Serrano always firmly defended the creation of the popular newborns, denying that those creatures promoted an anti-abortion discourse and arguing that the Ksimeritos are dolls with a higher level of needs and care than the plastic babies with which many girls played. , well they can be given shots, fed, diapered and left to rest in their own incubator, among other things, very similar to a human baby.

Today Amparín Serrano is unfortunately no longer with us, however, his creativity, character and charisma was reflected in each Distroller design and producta brand that she designed and that delighted the pupil of the public of all ages at a national and international level.


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