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Ammu movie review: This movie on domestic abuse lacks maturity and perspective

Ammu commences innocently more than enough: our eponymous heroine Ammu (Aishwarya Lekshmi) marries Ravi (Naveen Chandra). She grew up in a conservative relatives and is the finest for a female about her: Ravi is a law enforcement inspector and a good match, in accordance to her mother and father. They have developed up in the exact same neighborhood and their people have been good friends for several years. Ammu fortunately accepts her wedding, discovering ease and comfort in the perception that he will consider great care of her.

And it does. In the to start with 30 minutes of the movie, Ravi is the product husband and Ammu falls in really like with him. You start to wonder if the producers have been messing with your intellect when they showed you the Ammu trailer and designed you believe that it was domestic violence. The truth of him, nonetheless, is ultimately discovered and we learn that the identity of a excellent gentleman and doting spouse is an change-ego that he has made to conceal his sociopathic tendencies within just the 4 partitions of his home.

Just as Ammu is settling into the relationship and assumes that she knows her new husband perfectly, she is startled. She thinks Ravi yelling at her was just an anomaly. She will not repeat it. She is incorrect. Ravi doubles down on her mistreatment of Ammu and we see him slap her throughout the encounter. And when it finally occurs, what does she do? She tells her mother Kalpana. The 1st question Ammu receives from Kalpana is: ‘What did YOU do?’ Kalpana remembers the tips she been given from her mother: “Suck it up. Males are just like that. To her credit history, Kalpana advises Ammu to do what she thinks is greatest.

In the times that comply with, the violence only will increase. Ammu now has a black eye and purple lips. She finds herself shaking with anxiety at a bus station with a packed suitcase. He can’t decide regardless of whether to remain or go. And that is when he satisfies a accurate gentleman, a beggar performed by Raghu Babu. He features to advise her throughout the disaster for a packet of biriyani. But he will not halt Ammu when she decides to go back again to Ravi. She convinces herself that there is a deficiency of passion and love for her partner. She naively thinks that her suffering would end if she could fill in the gaps in her unconditional adore for Ravi. The beggar is dissatisfied, but he does not like explanations. He appreciates that alter must appear from within just, so he doesn’t dictate what he should do.

Aishwarya and Naveen have presented quite convincing and fully commited performances. There are various sequences in the movie that decode the stages of domestic abuse. It commences with slight behavioral aberrations and if left unchecked early on, it will turn into terminal and unrecoverable. But, the movie quickly veers into a wife’s fantasy of getting revenge on her husband. She does not look for to resolve the issues of her everyday living by the authorized and social signifies out there, but Ammu comes up with a devious plan, involving Prabhu (Bobby Shima), a convicted double assassin.

For most of the narrative, director Charukesh Sekar makes us believe in realism and then switches to fantasy. Even though domestic abuse is a actuality and confronted by thousands and thousands of women of all ages around the entire world, it truly is not normally possible for a sufferer to arrive up with a clever ploy like Ammu’s to get back at her abuser. The adjust of tone is jarring and even he feels dishonest with the very disturbing issue he deals with.

Ammu could be described as a movie that serves its intent. There is practically nothing additional persuasive about this film than its use to increase consciousness of sure factors of domestic abuse. And this movie does it in a pretty easy way, which is in some cases even predictable. Although Ammu captures the horrors domestic abuse survivors face, the film lacks maturity, depth, and a special stage of check out. It feels far too noticeable and a single-tone.

Ammu is streaming on Amazon Prime Movie.

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