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‘America’s Got Talent’ Jackie Evancho Talks Osteoporosis Diagnosis and Anorexia Struggles

America’s Got Talent Alum Jackie Evancho, who finished second on the famous competition show at just 10 years old, is opening up about her lifelong battle with anorexia and her current treatment for osteoporosis.

in an interview with PeopleThe now 22-year-old singer spoke candidly about health, her struggle with an eating disorder, and her inspiration through music.

Avancho revealed that his anorexia had come to a head in January 2021 after being hospitalized following a car accident that broke his back in two places. “They were unusual breaks, the breaks you see in 80-year-olds,” Ivancho told the magazine. “That’s how I learned that my eating problems caused osteoporosis. So now I’m a 22-year-old with osteoporosis.”

The “A Case of You” singer explained that she checked into an inpatient facility in October to deal with anorexia and attempt to heal her injuries from a car accident. “I had to eat [for my bones] to heal, and it made me really mess with my eating problems, because I was gaining weight to heal,” Ivancho said. “Once I finally recovered, my disorder took hold. Said, ‘Okay, now you have to be really hard on yourself to get all that out of you… and then some.'”

Talking candidly about the origins of anorexia, Ivancho revealed that he started restricting his diet at the age of just 15. “I noticed that I looked a little older than myself, so I asked my mom, ‘Do I look fat?’ And she was like, ‘No, no, that’s just baby fat,'” Ivancho remembered. “So I decided I was going to start a lighter diet and start exercising regularly.”

She continued to explain how the disorder affected her day-to-day health, “When I started going days without eating, I said in my head, ‘I know this isn’t normal,'” Ivanchoe said. . “I felt tired, moody, tearful, but after a short period of time, I didn’t feel anything.”

Ivancho began outpatient treatment for his eating disorder at the age of 17. During an interview with ET in 2019, the singer credited therapy for helping her recover. As she said at the time, “They teach you self-love and positive affirmations, and you’re like ‘Huh, maybe I’ll use that,’ and it makes it easier.”

However, in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, her anorexia intensified. “There were no distractions during COVID,” Ivancho said. “The urge to restrict what I eat, on top of eating because I’m bored, and panic because I have this distorted view of myself in the mirror … It made everything really difficult.”

Now, Avancho is trying to heal her body and overcome her disorder. “I’m still struggling, but I’m fighting, which is good because a year ago I was totally giving into it, and it’s so dark and painful,” Ivancho said. “I’m not healthy yet, but I am able to implement healthier coping skills and better eating habits.”

after his release People In the interview, Ivancho candidly addressed his fears about making his story public.

Ivancho wrote in an Instagram post, “I know many of you don’t know my truth very well. I took a huge step to do an interview that I didn’t hold back.” “It’s scary to tell your truth, especially if it’s darker than you’ll admit, but it’s also liberating.”

If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, go here National Eating Disorders Association website Or call 1-800-931-2237.

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