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Amber Heard’s daughter: Everything to know about baby Onagh Paige Heard

Amber Heard's daughter: Everything to know about baby Onagh Paige Heard

The 'Aquaman' actress is the proud mama of one adorable baby girl. Find out all about Oonagh Paige here!

The ‘Aquaman’ actress is a proud mother of a sweet baby girl. Learn all about Onagh Paige here!

Amber Heard One of the hottest actresses in Hollywood as she keeps busy lighting up the screen as a superhero aquaman Getting the Oscar buzz for the franchise or your dramatic turn danish girl, The 35-year-old Texas native first found fame for her horror indie flick all the boys like mandy lane, Before firing on all cylinders with his work in machete Kills And The Rum Diaries, Up Next Thriller to Star in a Leading Role run with me,

His personal life has also been a roller coaster like his career. In 2010, Amber came out as bisexual when he was in a relationship with a female photographer. tasya van ree, “I don’t label myself one way or another,” said Amber interview With Metro in 2011. “I have had successful relationships with men and now a woman. I love the one I love, it’s the person who matters. Then Amber dated her the Rum Diary co-star Johnny DeppMarried her in 2015 and separated after a year. She accused him of being abusive during their relationship. They are set to appear in court on Monday (April 8) for defamation claims against each other. After divorcing Johnny, Amber will reportedly date billionaire Elon Musk and filmmaker bianca batia,

Meanwhile, Amber finds comfort in becoming a mother. In July 2021, the actress announced on her Instagram that she had welcomed a baby girl, named Onagh Paige Heard, in the world on April 8, 2021. “Four years ago, I decided I wanted to have a baby. I wanted to do it on my own terms,” she wrote. Amber said that entering parenthood on her own terms gave her “a new appreciation of how radical it is for us as women to think about one of the most fundamental parts of our destiny in this way”. She continued, “I hope we get to a point where the crib doesn’t need a ring to hold it.”

Since the birth of little Onagh, Amber can’t help but gush about her baby girl in sweet Instagram posts. In October, she shared a sweet photo of the mother/daughter duo in celebration of Onagh’s six-month birthday. “Six best months of my life, six months before that,” Amber wrote in the caption. And just two weeks ago, she posted a photo of herself holding Onagh in her arms. When Onagh was sporting an oversized hat in the snap, Amber wrote, “Salute to my girl!” Clearly the Hollywood star has found true love!

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