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Amber Heard’s appeal rejected after Johnny Depp trial

attempts to Amber Heard for making the verdict in the trial of libel against Johnny Depp was annulled were not worth much, since a few hours ago the Virginia court decided to reject his request, so You will have to pay the 10 million dollars to your ex-husband.

Amber Heard’s appeal to Johnny Depp trial rejected

According to several American media, lThe Virginia courts did not accept the appeal that the actress’s lawyers filed a few days ago, arguing that one of the jurors was “false” since her age did not correspond to that indicated in the documents she had presented.

Although the judge accepted that there was an error, she also explained that the defense should have filed the objection much earlier, in addition to the fact that she does not perceive any fraud attempt, so there are not sufficient reasons to annul the sentence or repeat the trial. The appeal was the last resort that the actress had to avoid paying the amount of 10 million pesos to her ex-husband, after he refused to reach an agreement, for which she would now be obliged to cover the entire debt.

New lawsuit against Amber Heard

As if this were not enough, the protagonist of “Aquaman” faces a new lawsuitbecause the insurance company that protected her, New York Marine and General Insurance Company, She has decided to sue her because she not only wants to get rid of the lawsuit that Heard maintains against her ex-husband, nor would she be willing to cover any expenses related to the media trial.

The documents have already been presented in court and, according to several media outlets, what the insurer asks is that it be absolved from having to cover the defense fees of the protagonist of “Aquaman”, in addition to not being obliged liquidate the 10 million dollars that were awarded to Depp, as compensation for damages.

Heard hired the insurer in July 2018 and, according to the contract, she was covered with a million dollars for any situation that could arise, including civil ones; however, now they allege that the actress acted with malice by accusing Depp of having violated her, for which they would be absolved of all responsibility, since the insurance law of

California states that: “an insurer may be liable for the negligence of an insured party, but is not liable for a loss caused by the insured’s intentional act.”

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