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Amber Heard Shut Down by Judge for Jury Fraud Claim in Johnny Depp Case

Amber Heard’s wrongful trial request is denied in the Johnny Depp defamation lawsuit.

According to new legal documents accessed by ET, Judge Penny S. Azkart ruled Wednesday that there was no evidence of fraud or wrongdoing, as Hurd’s legal team claimed the wrong person served on the jury, which unanimously decided to defame Depp by Hurd. Depp called Heard’s request for a false trial and for the judge to order a new trial as “frivolous.”

ET has reached out to Hurd for comment.

In the legal documents, Azkaret said that Hurd was “provided with a jury list five days before the trial began and knew or should have known of the mistake at any time during the seven-week pendency of this trial.” The judge said, “He had every opportunity to object or [speak the truth]to the point. The parties should ordinarily object when a judgment or order is made to put the Court on notice that an issue is to be protected.”

Azkart stated that both parties had an obligation to ensure the accuracy of the information provided to the jury panel, and that “a party to object cannot wait until an adverse decision has been received, for the first time, of the beginning.” Known issue since. Testing.” The judge also noted that “the parties interrogated the jury panel throughout the day and informed the court that the jury panel was admissible” and that, “due process was guaranteed and provided to all parties in this trial.”

Heard’s team claimed that the actress’ due process was compromised when a 52-year-old man – instead of a 77-year-old who was called to jury duty – served as a juror at the trial. Both men have the same surname and live at the same Virginia address.

“His legal name and address were listed in the summons issued to Juror Fifteen and no date of birth was noted,” the judge explained. “The Court has pulled Juror Fifteen’s Jury Questionnaire. The Jury Fifteen completed the Jury Questionnaire filling in their proper date of birth. The information presented on the Jury Questionnaire matches the information provided to the Court of the Jury Fifteen.”

Furthermore, Azkart said that the inclusion of the 52-year-old on the jury did not in any way cause prejudice because “the juror was examined, sat for the entire jury, deliberated, and reached a verdict.”

The judge concluded “the only evidence before this Court is that this jury and all the jurors performed their oaths, the directions and orders of the Court.” and, as such, “this court is bound by the competent decision of the jury.”

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