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Amber Heard is seen in tears, lawyer tells of Johnny Depp’s alleged sexual assault

The actress looked emotional as her lawyer detailed the alleged sexual assault from her ex-husband in his opening statement in the defamation suit.

Amber Heard It looked like she was stopping to cry as her lawyer Elaine Breedhoft details of an alleged sexual assault by Johnny Depp During his opening statement for the defamation suit between the two actors on Tuesday 12 April aquaman The star was clearly emotional as she gave details about the attack to the lawyer, which is believed to have happened shortly after Johnny, 58, and Amber, 35, were married during a trip to Australia.

The lawyer gave a very graphic description of the alleged physical and sexual assault against Amber. “As you go through those three days in Australia, some really horrifying things happened to him. He tears off her nightgown. He has jammed her against a bar. He has thrown bottles and bottles at her. He has dragged her to the floor over broken bottles and alcohol. He has punched her. He has kicked her. He tells her that he will ‘f**k kill her.’ That f**king hates him. He is pounding her, pounding her, and then, he rams her with a bottle of wine,” he claimed.

Before detailing the alleged incident, the lawyer claimed that Johnny took 10 pills of ecstasy before becoming “very violent” on his trip, as Amber tried to “soothe” him and get him to eat or sleep. . Amber’s lawyer claimed that Johnny called a lawyer that Amber had contacted to try to establish a prenup or postnup for their marriage. “He was confused, mad at times. He would be mad at someone else, then he would be mad at her,” alleged the lawyer. …that was the type of Johnny Depp. He didn’t want the postnup. He didn’t want the prenup, but now, they’re going to tell you it was him who was crazy. ,

Johnny is suing Amber for defamation that he was abusive to her. (Brendan Smailowski/AP/Shutterstock/Brendan Smailowski/Pool/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)

Johnny’s lawyers have pushed back claims that the actor assaulted Amber during their relationship in a defamation suit. Pirates of the Caribbean Star’s lawyers claimed Amber lied about the assault and domestic abuse allegations against her ex-husband in the op-ed. “She can’t hold back. She’s living and breathing this lie for years. And she’s preparing to lay down her life in this trial. But this trial is about the evidence. It’s about the evidence.” It’s about a man’s reputation,” Johnny’s lawyer Camille Vasquez said in an opening statement, via deadline,

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