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Amber Heard disagrees with Johnny Depp; has to pay the $10 million

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The legal teams of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard could not reach an agreement, so the verdict published on June 1st became official and the actress has to pay her former partner 10 million dollars. This might interest you:

Amber Heard: ‘I Will Preserve My Testimony Until I Die’ After Judge Closes Case; Amber Heard’s defense attempted to reach a settlement with Depp to prevent the actress from paying the amount of money demanded in the verdict, arguing that her client did not have that amount.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star remained on the position that he wouldn’t ask for a single dollar if Heard reversed his intention to appeal the judge’s decision, which he didn’t, so Depp didn’t back down. Last Friday, June 24th, was the deadline to reach an agreement; Judge Penney Azcarate recorded the verdict at a 30-minute hearing in Fairfax County, Virginia, making it official. The actress maintains her version and plans to appeal, so she has to use this resource in less than 30 days. In this way he tries to prove that he is right, because if he had accepted the verdict, he would have proved his guilt. The appeal would be very expensive and it seems that Amber is willing to see her resolve those costs as it requires her to pay 6% ($600,000) of this decision each year in order to proceed with the appeal.

However, the actress has assured that she has no money for this. It may interest you: Robert Downey Jr. congratulates Johnny Depp on his victory in the Amber Heard case

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