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Amber Heard confirms she was removed from several scenes in Aquaman 2

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The Amber Heard-Johnny Depp trial was already having an impact when the actress confirmed her work on the film Aquaman 2 had been cut. You may be interested in: Amber Heard took a stand: ‘It’s painful to relive it all’

The controversy surrounding both actors’ testimonies has prompted Warner to discontinue his participation in future projects and, in the case of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, to minimize the scenes in which he plays Mera.

Heard was asked to talk about her involvement in the film and how this legal battle with Depp has impacted her career. “I had to fight. I fought very hard to stay in the film. They didn’t want to put me in the film,” he was later asked if he would eventually work on the film, to which he replied, “With a very stripped down version of that role, yes.” Amber admitted she was much more into was involved in the DC film, but the legal battle resulted in her role being cut.”They gave me a script. And then they gave me new versions of the script where they had scenes with action involving my character and another one Character portrayed, no spoilers, two characters fighting. They basically took up a lot of my role. They just took so much away.” Although the study assured that they would not make any decisions due to pressure from fans, a petition was created calling for the actress’ exit from Aquaman 2, which has already garnered nearly 4.5 million signatures. The work situation was not easy for any of them, although Johnny Depp was the one who cost the most at the moment because Disney will no longer hire him for Pirates of the Caribbean while Warner has withdrawn his participation in Fantastic Animals.

Now it remains to be seen whether Amber Heard will have other problems joining other projects. Amber Heard admitted she has never donated divorce money to charity

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