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Amazon Prime Video released the trailer for A Private Affair, the Spanish series with Jean Reno

Amazon Prime Video released the trailer, the official poster and presented new photos of a private matterthe original series starring Jean Reno and Aura Garridowhich opens on Friday, September 16 on the platform.

The French star of Spanish parents -known the world over for his action roles in The perfect assassin either ronin– returns to work in a Spanish serial production after his participation in Who killed Sarah?from Netflix.

While The rising Spanish actress got her first big leading role after important roles in the series The ministry of time Y The innocent.

Aura Garrido and Jean Reno, a duo that complement each other well on screen, according to the French actor.

Aura Garrido and Jean Reno, a duo that complement each other well on screen, according to the French actor.

in key of intriguing period crime drama with hints of comedy and suspensethe fiction consists of eight episodes and is produced by Bambú Producciones in conjunction with Amazon.

Teresa Fernandez-Valdes is the showrunner and co-creator with Gema R. Neira and Ramón Campos, the creative team behind several hits that made up that global boom for Spanish series like Grand Hotel, Grand Reserve, Velvet Y the wire girls.

the official plot

According to the official Amazon Prime Video synopsis, the story takes place at the end of the 40s, in Galicia. Garrido plays Marina Quiroga, a daring upper-class young woman with the soul of a police officer, who sets out to hunt down the serial killer who has been stalking the city for months.

does it with the help of his faithful butlerHéctor (Reno), a discreet and helpful man whose sensitivity and audacity always place him at the key point of the investigation.

“Together they will fight against all obstacles to achieve it, and neither the gender prejudices of the time, nor the resistance of the new commissioner or the attempts of Marina’s mother to marry her will prevent them from finally discovering the truth”, says the summary of Prime Video.

The distribution of a private matter is completed with Angela Molina, alex garcia (Wartime, Riot), Gorka Otxoa (Velvet), Tito Valverde (Slaughterhouse), Irene Montala (Boat), Pablo Miller (Plague) and Andrés Velencoso (Velvet Collection, Edha), among others.

Amazon hyper production, with the backing of Spanish hitmakers like "Velvet" and "Gran Hotel."

Amazon hyper production, with the backing of Spanish hitmakers like “Velvet” and “Gran Hotel.”

The butler of a luminous tale

According to Spanish media, a private matter is “a bright and funny tale of crimes and mysteries”where a young woman, the daughter of a deceased police commissioner, wants to follow in his footsteps and show that she can be a better investigator than her brother, the father’s natural heir.

In an interview with the EFE agency, held as part of the latest Monte Carlo Television Festival, the versatile Reno said that he considers himself lucky for the variety of roles he has been able to play in his life.

In this case, he plays Héctor, the Quiroga’s butler, a wealthy family who lost their father a few years ago -an intellectual police commissioner with feminist ideas in the fictional Galicia of 1940-, whose only concern is to care for and protect his little daughter, Marina, who He has taken from his father his same curiosity, courage and capacity for deduction.

“I have been very lucky in my life with all the roles I have been able to develop, in addition it seems that the door, and several windows, I still have open“Reno said in that interview with the Spanish agency.

Reno assures that the fluidity of the leading couple of the series comes from Aura Garrido. “This is like a marriage, like a dance, like life. If your wife doesn’t talk much or has a slower pace, you have to pace yourself. She is all ‘fireworks’, so I provide the counterpoint and I put the brakes“, he reflected.

His character, Héctor, also takes care of Marina’s mother (Ángela Molina) who sees “how her house collapses after losing her husband, but she wants to keep up appearances.”

First images and "A private matter".

First images and “A private matter”.

The series maintains a certain tone of an adventure and mystery comic, seasoned with a feminist message. not typical of the time in which the action is supposed to take place.

But Reno finds it “interesting”, because he believes that “it is good to talk about these things”, even if it is within a fable, or a story such as a private matter.

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