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Amanda Kloots on dating two years after husband Nick Cordero’s death: "i want to love again"

Almost two years after Nick Cordero died at the age of 41 after a grueling battle with COVID-19, his wife Amanda Kloots is moving on – but not without grief.

Kloots, mother of their 2-year-old son Elvis, and a co-host Conversation, has risen to fame since publicly documenting her husband’s fight in the early height of the pandemic. in a new interview CBS Mornings, Kloots sheds light on his life today, which is not without the pain of loss. As Kloots put it, grief would hit him like “a ton of bricks out of nowhere”, for example, when a traveling song arrives in the car—a song Cordero previously sang on Broadway.

During the interview she said, “I miss someone coming home and I miss someone laughing with me. Every time I retell this story, it’s amazing how much it goes into this sad journey.” is helpful.” “Sorrow does not stop. Loss, death – it does not end.”

While she made it clear that no one is replacing her husband of nearly three years, Kloots confirmed that she is dating, although she is not currently seeing anyone.

“I want to love again. I want one more person in my life,” she shared. “I want Elvis to have a father figure in his life.”

However, this does not mean forgetting one’s late father. “You’re not taking Nick’s place. That’s never the case,” she clarified. “It’s just that Nick was a part of my life.”

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