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Amaia Montero and her latest posts on Instagram after sharing a worrying photo

Amaia Montero has been at the center of the conversation after he shared on social networks a Photography in which he appears with a tired and sad facenext to which he wrote: If hope is the last thing to die and I haven’t lost it yet, what use is life to me? message that triggered the concern of artists and their followers.

The words of the former member of the Van Gogh’s Earas well as the black and white photo was taken by netizens like a request for help. After this situation, the singer reappeared on Instagram, where she made mysterious publications.

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Amaia Montero worries fans with a strange photo on social networks |  SPECIAL

Amaia Montero worries fans with a strange photo on social networks |  SPECIAL

Amaia Montero worries fans with a strange photo on social networks | SPECIAL

It is worth mentioning that during this same period, Idoia Montero, singer’s sister, had a conversation with the reporter Alex Alvarez D.the spanish program ANDpublic mirror of Antenna 3.

Throughout the talk, Idoia Montero denied being a representative of the singer and confirmed that his sister He’s not going through his best moment.”

Amaia Montero reappears in networks; this posted

The same day that she published the photo in which she appears with a deteriorated and disheveled appearance, the singer shared a clip that recovers the audio of her song the mouth of the wolfwhich he released in 2018 and belongs to his record album Born to grow.

The theme is composed of phrases like “mI feel at home when I don’t know where I am”, “I dance barefoot with people who know everything about me, pero does not know who I am”, “If they shoot to kill, I laugh so as not to cry”, “Now I can only be with you or away from me” and “I don’t deny it anymore, I miss myself when I’m without you.

According to some users it is an autobiographical song by Amaia Montero that could talk about the situation you are going through: If you are pushed into the void, you learn to glide! I think it applies a lot to this moment, beautiful! I send you a lot of strength and love. Thank you for waking me up in my worst moments!” the user wrote. @wilsonamau.

ANDIt is very difficult for a heart as sensitive and enormous as yours to feel understood in a world as cold and cruel as the one we live in. But there are many of us who are with you, as we have been doing for more than 20 years. Strength Amaia”, wrote @manoloflorez.

Four days ago he made a second publication in which a photograph of a concert he offered next to Rene Perezsinger of Calle 13.

The singer accompanied the image with the text: “René”, along with the emoticons of a face with dark glasses, praying hands and two hearts, one pierced by an arrow.


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