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all the programming for the 2022 cycle of the Punta Ballena summer classic

all the programming for the 2022 cycle of the Punta Ballena summer classic

As is a tradition every year, for more than two decades and, pandemic through, the famous Parador Medio y Medio, in Punta Ballena, Uruguay, organizes the Festival of the same name where they pass artists from that country, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, among others, to entertain with music every summer.

Characterized by the variety of genres and artistic proposals, the Medo y Medio festival became over the years an obligatory meeting place for lovers of good music who visit the area, just a few meters from the beach.

In 2022, organizers prepare to celebrate its 26th edition, with a few new features. “Last year we celebrated our 25th anniversary in a very delicate context for all of us, which, far from weakening us, strengthened our commitment to music and our audience,” they say. “We bet more than ever on culture as a necessary path and fundamental for the health of all “.

Chano, In February Will Perform In Medio Y Medio, In Uruguay.

Chano, in February will perform in Medio y Medio, in Uruguay.

As always, Hugo Fattoruso opens the game

The festival will begin this December 25 and will run until the end of March, with a new section, Postscript, to stretch as much as possible, the shows in the summer context. “This year cwe continue to celebrate our history and our present surrounded by great artists, sustaining and feeding this space of culture, emotions, love and resistance “, they announce.

This year eleven artists will participate in the festival for the first time, in addition to a one-person theater cycle, and a music school, with teachers from Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.

Hugo Fattoruso, An Institution Of The Music Of Río De La Plata, Opens The Game, As Every Year.  Photo Press / Laura Tenenbaum

Hugo Fattoruso, an institution of the music of Río de la Plata, opens the game, as every year. Photo Press / Laura Tenenbaum

The programing It begins on December 25 and 26 with Uruguayans Hugo Fattoruso and Nando Michelin, continues on the 29th with Kevin Johansen and on the 31st there will be a great New Year’s Eve party, El Gran Domingazo, with DJ Florencio.

January and February assortment

In January, it will be the turn, on the 4th and 11th, Zorrito von Quintiero and Los Gustocks while in the section called Classics Series They will act, the 6 and 7, The Authentic Decadents; on the 8th, Juanse, Memi, Carámbula; on the 14th, David Lebon; on the 15th, Gustavo Cordera; on the 21st, Miranda; on the 22nd, Coti and on the 27th, 28th and 29th, the Mexican Julieta Venegas.

February will begin on the 3rd, with a concert by Loli Molina; the 4th, Crossing the puddle; and on the 5th, the Uruguayan gang Peyote Asesino. In the series Singer-songwriters will be presented, on the 10th, Fernando Cabrera; on the 1st, Lisandro Aristimuño; on the 12th, the Brazilian Lenine; on the 17th and 18th, Ciro and the Persians arrive; and on the 19th, Chano.

Julieta Venegas Will Go On Stage On January 27, 28 And 29.  Photo Courtesy Press - Yvonne Venegas

Julieta Venegas will go on stage on January 27, 28 and 29. Photo Courtesy Press – Yvonne Venegas

At the end of that month, the Mini Fest Carnival, with the presence, on the 26th, of the Brazilian María Gadú, the Argentine Liliana Herrero and the Spanish Silvia Pérez Cruz. On the 27th, Rubén Rada will take the stage and on the 28th, the Uruguayan Buenos Muchachos.

In the new section Postscript, planned for March, will perform, on the 5th, Pablo Oliva; on the 12th, Lu Ferreira; Alfonsina, Papina de Palma and on the 19th, Rossana Tadei, closing the Festival, on the 26th with the band from Uruguay, La Celeste.

The artistic direction of the festival is in charge of Leandro Quiroga Ferreres, director of the LQF MUSIC production company and a renowned music producer who over the years has worked with artists such as Charly García, Luis Alberto Spinetta, Fito Páez, Jaime Roos, and León Gieco, among many others.

All shows start at 22. Tickets for sale through REDTICKETS.


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