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“All songs are made of time lived and shared”


León Gieco, a leading figure in Argentine popular music who This Saturday, November 19, he will be 70 years old and will be celebrated with free concerts, premiered Friendship, the third song on the album that will be published in 2022 and the first one that refers to that link but that inscribes in its own tradition.

“I think that all the songs are made of time lived and shared. What’s more, what is shared is within what has been lived, but I had never addressed the theme of friendship in the songs until composing this theme”, Gieco reviews during an interview with Télam .

The song that he shares with his friend Gustavo Santaolalla and that includes a family choir, is the third advance (after Everything burns and Alimentation.com) of a new album that will be published between the end of April and the beginning of next May, and with which it will interrupt a recording silence of a decade.

León Gieco, An Icon Of Argentine Popular Music.  Photo: Fernando La Orden

León Gieco, an icon of Argentine popular music. Photo: Fernando la Orden

The free shows

The launch adds to the two great free concerts at the Kirchner Cultural Center (CCK) and at Tecnópolis with musical direction by Lito Vitale, who respectively this Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 will bring together artists singing the essential work of León, born on November 20, 1951 in Cañada Rosquín, Santa Fe province.

Songwriter as The angel on the bicycle, Charly’s salieris, Men of iron, Beware the Orozco, I only ask God, In the land of freedom, The hill of life, Five centuries the same, Memory or Dear, to name a few, are part of a popular, award-winning, recognized and consistent path that León reviews in the talk, without losing sight of his mobilizing news.

-With “Friendship” and also adding descendants in the choirs, did you find a way to take stock of your own walk? What do you see there?

-Add children and grandsons in this song has to do with the fact that it was made and inspired by more familiar and more intimate events, and they are you daughters who teach you to be a father and mother, and friendship as love is strengthened with them, in the work of each day, in that path that still needs to be traveled, continue learning, asking questions, investigating, because it has not yet reached its destination and It will never come.

León Gieco And Gustavo Santaolalla At The Time Of &Quot;From Ushuaia To La Quiaca&Quot;, A Friendship Of Decades.

León Gieco and Gustavo Santaolalla at the time of “From Ushuaia to La Quiaca”, a friendship of decades.

Gieco talks about this journey and calls it “an eternal post.” “Cause when my path is over, them the result of love and respect will continue to walk that there was, and thus that eternal post will be passed. Something like “now I followed you, I can no longer”.

But also, as he adds: “to know that one day we will be absences but, if there is love and respect, they will be more than springs and they will always offer eternal flowers, because love is the language of life. Absences appear out of nowhere as a refuge for victorious and perpetual dreams, always present, like the air when we breathe and that is why in some songs we make family choirs “.

Gustavo Santaolalla and friendship

In “Friendship” you refer to a feeling capable of overcoming distances, ideas and chosen paths, in what things do you feel then that those fraternal ties are founded?

-The fraternal ties of friendship are a feeling that dodges distances, personal decisions and a lot of other things, but not ideas. With regard to ideas, a look at the world is needed, socially, politically, globally. Me I couldn’t be friends with a Nazi, for instance. For me, friendship is based on the look you have of the world.

What does Gustavo Santaolalla mean in your artistic and personal life?

-Before I proposed to make my first album, we had met in special circumstances. I worked at Entel, as an international telexist and I heard him in an interview on Modart at night. After that report, I signed up to study and learn with him by listening to music and he showed me the sounds of Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Crosby, Stills & Nash, but also Jaime Torres.

The musician also remembers that, at that time, Alain Debray (pseudonym of Horacio Malvicino) offered to record Bee Gees songs in Spanish for RCA and Santaolalla told him: “Do that, but don’t come here anymore. I am proposing to record your own songs. I thought about it, I got sick several times and three months passed and I proposed ‘let’s make the album‘”.

León Gieco Turns 70 And Will Have His Celebration At The Cck, On ​​Saturday, November 20, Accompanied By A Long List Of Artists.  Photo Laura Domínguez

León Gieco turns 70 and will have his celebration at the CCK, on ​​Saturday, November 20, accompanied by a long list of artists. Photo Laura Domínguez

This is how it was generated The land of freedom which was the spearhead of a career that continues to this day “thanks to him,” says León. “When in ’80 I had no idea how to start recording Think of nothingGustavo proposed to me the first steps in Los Angeles, where he lived and marked the musicians with whom I recorded in Buenos Aires. It ended up being one of my best-selling albums, also thanks to him. “

In his journey through the relationship that binds him to the producer, he reviews: “In 1984 he came to produce From Ushuaia to La Quiaca and he put it on his shoulder like nobody else. It’s something I couldn’t have done without him and he even stood up and said: “I don’t go out to record if I don’t have cameras to film“And now it is a unique compilation project of Argentine folk music. I would say that Santaolalla is my savior.

This is how, since the year ’90, “every time I record I invite him to sing a song, we do it by cabal, he knows it brings me luck,” he says. “And in this case it was right to invite him to sing this song that talks about friendship.”

How much do you miss Mercedes Sosa, Sixto Palavecino and Elpidio Herrera, three other great artists that you name in the song?

-There are three characters that I mention because I miss them a lot. Sometimes I think that God should be more perfect and give an extra years of gift to some people like them.

“La Amistad” is also the third preview of a new album that you will publish in 2022. What motivated you to go back to studies after nine years?

-I think the right question would be: why did it take me so many years to motivate myself? The answer is that, after composing more than 300 songs, there is an intellectual wear and tear that, I think, has to do with the passage of time. I think one tries to save the days that are leaving, no new day looks back and the wheel that turns does not give truce.

The three songs of the new material that are known so far confirm your sound, and your vigorous and consistent way of understanding music, how do you see yourself as an artist?

León Gieco Turns 70 And Celebrates Them With Music.  Photo: Martín Bonetto.

León Gieco turns 70 and celebrates them with music. Photo: Martín Bonetto.

-I think that as an artist I see myself limited. I would like to have a better body, dance better, be a better guitarist, singer and harmonica player. I regret never having studied music, never having done vocalization and never having studied English.

In his self-criticism he says: “I also regret not having elements to improvise with friends who are good musicians and not knowing how to play all the songs by The Beatles, the Rolling or Dylan, just as Charly García or Lito Vitale or Javier Malosetti do. or Fito Páez. In all this I feel limited as an artist. In the rest, I don’t know what the rest is, I’m not doing so badly. “

Source: Télam


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