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All references to North Carolina appearing in Stranger Things

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Stranger Things has been on everyone’s lips since the fourth season premiered and while everyone is waiting for the fifth and final installment, everyone wants to know how the series will end, while we bring you all the North Carolina references. Taylor Swift releases song about North Carolina

And while the series wasn’t filmed in the state, a curious fact is that the creators, known as The Duffer Brothers, Matt and Ross Duffer, grew up in Durham, so there are plenty of references to areas like the Triangle. Season 1 You may recall a point where one of the characters asks, “Where do the rich live?” and refers to Lochn’ora, an affluent neighborhood in Durham. Although it is spelled “Loch Nora” on the show, it is still a reference to this Durham location.

Another clue this season is Kerley and Cornwallis roads, which the children mentioned as they drove through the wooded area of ​​”Mirkwood” where Will Byers disappeared. Season 2 In the cartoons, Joyce and Bob, looking for clues to find Will Byers, talk about two natural sites in the state: the Eno River and Jordan Lake, the first of which flows through the Triangle and the second in Apex. Season 3 While Joyce and Hopper are talking, Joy, sounding like a local in the state, mentions the Bullock’s BBQ restaurant and apparently this shaped the life of the creators because in reality it exists and is located in Durham. Season 4 Although we’ve received many previews of Durham over the past three seasons, the first mention of the city’s name is in Volume 1 of Season 4.

This happens while Joyce and Murray are working on making a call that looks like it’s from Durham. Tell us what you think of these references to North Carolina that appear in Stranger Things, and if you’ve thought of more to add, we’re already waiting for part five to see what other references to the state appear. YOU MAY ALSO BE INTERESTED: YOU MAY ALSO BE INTERESTED:

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