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‘All in 90 days’: Mike’s mom urges him to ‘divorce Natalie’s A **’ (Exclusive)

'All in 90 days': Mike's mom urges him to 'divorce Natalie's A **' (Exclusive)

Mike’s mother, Trish, bluntly calls his wife, Natalie, a con artist. In this exclusive clip from Sunday’s 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After?, Mike calls Trish after an especially bad fight with Natalie, and she tells her son that he must leave Natalie before she leaves him.

Mike and Natalie haven’t gotten along all season after deciding to get married at the last minute because Natalie’s visa was about to expire and Mike didn’t want her to go back to Ukraine. Their problems only escalated after they got married, causing Mike to have a meltdown on Sunday’s episode and stop filming. Mike revealed that Natalie has only spent one night with him at his house since Christmas, instead choosing to stay at her friend Juliana’s house.

In this exclusive clip, Mike says he wants to talk to Natalie to see where they are, but she doesn’t want to, and again, he went to stay at Juliana’s house. He then calls his mother, who tells him that Natalie deliberately seeks fights with him to have an excuse to leave him.

“Yeah, I just don’t understand where Natalie turns around and does the most evil things, and she’s evil,” says Trish. “When she is bad like that, that tells me that all this coming here to the United States, it did not matter if it was you, son or some other man.”

“He doesn’t even like you,” he continues. “She’s a snake in the grass. She’s a scammer. Period.”

While Mike hesitates to think of Natalie as a scammer, Trish tells him that the moment Natalie gets her work visa and green card, she will leave him.

“I say divorce her ass and she can come back,” he tells her.

90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8 pm ET / PT on TLC.

Trish and Natalie have had bad blood since Trish tried to stop Natalie’s wedding to Mike by asking her neighbor, Tamara, to object during the ceremony (which Tamara refused). The two also had a nasty fight after Natalie accused Trish of calling her a prostitute when Natalie and Mike visited her for Thanksgiving, which Trish vehemently denied. To learn more about Mike and Natalie’s tension-filled relationship this season, check out the video below.