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‘All in 90 days’: Michael apologizes to Angela for not supporting his surgeries (exclusive)

'All in 90 days': Michael apologizes to Angela for not supporting his surgeries (exclusive)

Michael has completely changed his tone when it comes to apologizing to his wife, Angela. In this exclusive clip from Sunday’s 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After?Michael says he’s sorry he didn’t support Angela when she underwent weight loss surgery and breast reduction, but it might be too late.

Michael, 32, and Angela, 54, have been fighting all season for their surgeries even though the two still live apart. Michael is still in Nigeria while he waits for his visa to be approved to come to Georgia to live with Angela. The fight got so bad that Angela saw her immigration attorney to discuss the possibility of divorcing Michael, although Michael said he was not going to apologize and that he would no longer let her “win” in the relationship.

But in this exclusive clip, Michael has changed his mind and acknowledges to Angela that he wasn’t there for her. However, Angela doesn’t forgive him so easily.

“Michael, it’s not that your opinion didn’t matter,” she tells him, referring to the fact that he didn’t want her to have the surgeries in the first place. “I would have died, I really think so, because I could hardly breathe with my breasts and my weight was increasing for no reason.”

“Michael, you have to step up or it’s time for us to part ways,” he continues after Michael apologizes to him. “What can I expect from you if I have to undergo another procedure? I’m going to have skin surgery, I’m thinking about the facelift. What’s going to change? Because I needed someone to tell me it was going to be OK.”

Michael says it was difficult for him to understand what Angela was going through on the phone, but acknowledged that the surgeries made her look “healthy, young, sexy and beautiful.”

“After talking to Angela, I understand it because of me, all the pain that she had been through,” he tells the cameras. “And I feel bad about it. I think it’s a bad time to put my foot down as an African man. I just want everything to be fixed and, you know, make it up again.”

90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8 pm ET / PT on TLC.

When ET spoke to Angela before this season, she called her first year of marriage to Michael “hell,” but said it was mainly because the two lived apart.

“I know in the bottom of my heart that we love each other and we have a lot to solve, but we can’t do it over long distances, you just can’t,” he said. “We’ve gotten this far, we’re probably going to have more bumps … We’re going to have our ups and downs, still, that’s part of being married in the first year. Even though we’re married for one year, it’s not really a year until we stand up together … the basic things you have to get used to living together. I think we’ll be fine. I just think that, uh, we have stories and stories ahead of us. “