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‘All in 90 days’: Jovi tells Yara that she is no longer ‘fun’ after becoming a mom

'All in 90 days': Jovi tells Yara that she is no longer 'fun' after becoming a mom

Jovi is not enjoying his new life as a father. In the Sunday episode of 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After?, Jovi continued to have a difficult time adjusting to life away from the city of New Orleans, as well as experiencing a new side of his wife, Yara.

Jovi and Yara welcomed their daughter, Mylah, at the end of their season of 90 day fiancé, but had to go abroad to work soon after. Jovi’s work in underwater robotics takes him away for months, and during that time, Yara moved them from her apartment in New Orleans to what he called “the middle of nowhere.” Jovi also didn’t like that Yara had Mylah sleeping in her bed instead of in her own crib.

“I don’t know why Jovi always tries to make me look like a psycho mom,” Yara defended herself before the cameras. “The fact is that I find it very difficult to run five times a night or even more to his crib.”

Jovi also didn’t understand Yara adhering to such a strict schedule for the baby, which included being home at 6 p.m. to put Mylah to sleep at 7 p.m. Later, she saw how strictly Yara was sticking to the schedule when she invited her family over. to celebrate Ukrainian Christmas and told him to tell them to go home at 6pm, even though they drove two hours to visit them.

“I think that’s extremely rude,” he told her. “If you want people to leave, you’ll be the bad guy. I’m not doing this for you. You invited these people, my family, to come to our house for Ukrainian Christmas. I’m not going to kick them out.”

Yara ended up being the one who told Jovi’s family to leave and, unsurprisingly, her mother, Gwen, was appalled.

“Are you telling us to go?” she asked. “Do we have to go, really? It’s six o’clock, and she’s sleeping in your bed. She can go to bed later, right? Jovi, are you kicking us out?”

“I understand the fact that Mylah has a schedule. That’s a good thing,” Gwen told the cameras. “But she invited us here. We drive two hours to get here. I think she’s being pretty strict, like, ‘It’s going to be like this, and that’s it.’ And Jovi came home from work in Yara’s world. He has nothing to say. So, I think she needs to put it down for a bit, because it’s totally ridiculous that you’re going to kick people out. I think that’s a bit rude. “

But Yara once again defended herself before the cameras, noting that “it was not a Cajun party”, but the Ukrainian Christmas.

“The baby has a schedule and I did everything possible to respect them, to invite them, to show them my tradition,” he said. “In Ukraine we say like this: you eat. You enjoy the food. You go away, go home. Okay? Know your place.”

Yara and Jovi continued to disagree when they went out to buy Mylah a crib and Jovi noticed the change in Yara since she gave birth.

“Before when we were dating, Yara was a lot more fun and used to stay up all night,” she shared. “Yara would like to stay out until four or five in the morning. I would beg her, ‘Hey, can we go home?’ So Yara is completely different. “

“I wasn’t expecting as soon as I got married, um, we’re going to have a baby right after, you know?” he continued. “These are two things that you should try to separate a little more in your life, and for us, everything happened at the same time. And I think it is important for us to keep the fire burning in our relationship. Because every time you go to bed , there’s a baby in our bed. So it’s like Mylah has to move out of our bed into her own bed. ”

While Jovi was in favor of Mylah buying a new bed, she was surprised by the prices in the store and refused to pay $ 650 for the one Yara wanted. Then he told her that they needed to take a trip, just the two of them, to reconnect. Unsurprisingly, Yara objected and said her husband was being too aggressive.

“I mean, I miss old Yara,” Jovi told her bluntly. “You were fun. Don’t get me wrong, you’re being a good mother but at the same time, you’re not funny … I know we have to do it to fix our relationship. We need to just have a good weekend where we can go out and have fun, and stay awake after seven at night. I want this life, but at the same time, you must stop being a crazy mom and think that you can not leave your baby. “

Jovi continued to express her frustrations to the cameras.

“I feel like I try to get her to do things during the day, I try to buy her lingerie,” he said. “But, I feel like every time I try to bring Yara something fun, they reject me. We used to have a good time together. We rarely had a dull day, you know? We were always doing something. Always staying active. Now it’s like you have. scared to leave the house with Mylah. I don’t know what to do. It will drive me crazy, if that’s the way things are always going to be. “

But Yara pointed out that this is her life now and that being a parent was forever.

“You know what, maybe I’m not fun, but it’s not fun to breastfeed every two hours,” she pointed out, before leaving the store. “Maybe it’s not fun to carry a baby on us and all that stuff. Maybe it’s not fun, when I’m alone.”

She also ventured to the cameras and said that she would not tolerate Jovi’s attitude.

“It has been very difficult for me since I came to the United States,” he emphasized. “And now, I finally feel comfortable in America. But since Jovi has been home, he has been arguing with me about all the parenting options. And now he says I’m not a fun person, not a fun mom. I’ve been raising a newborn. born in mine, and I don’t think it’s fair that he’s judging me. Jovi must accept that this is his new life because I won’t let him push me. “