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All about the return of “Big Brother” to Televisa and the probable hosts

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big brother will return to Mexican television after almost seven years of absence, since it was in 2015 when his last broadcast could be witnessed by millions of viewers, crowning Eduardo Miranda the chiliof Acapulco Shoreas the top winner of his fourth regular season.

Televisa Univision has opted to revive its greatest successes and this time it is not a soap opera, but one of the most successful and popular reality shows that impacted Mexico in the early 2000s. Although the official announcement, by the At the moment, it has not been broadcast, the San Ángel television station has already prepared everything for its return, so the name of various celebrities who could lead the presenting baton has even been rumored.

Although the idea is not ruled out, it will be almost impossible to bring Veronica Castro back to the program, because in more than one interview he has already made it clear that his intentions to be part of the bar The stars they were already a thing of the past, because even with the success of The House of Flowers in NetflixThe actress wanted to continue working, so it is speculated that she has already rejected the offer that would bring her name back to national fame.

The actress would not return her role as presenter Photo: Cuartoscuro
The actress would not return her role as presenter Photo: Cuartoscuro

Adele Michael It could also be considered as a discard, because although she did not want to touch the subject, the presenter is extremely busy with her project the sagamaking public an agenda that would not be compatible with the recordings of the show that intends to start engines at the end of August, to be apparently released at the end of the year or the beginning of 2023.

Yolanda Andrade is emerging as one of the favorites to take up the great responsibility of hosting the reality show, since her work in unicable beside Montserrat Oliver has consecrated her in recent years as one of the most popular presenters, albeit controversial, on restricted signal television. However, the idea that this time it is a duo, made up of them, who plays the role is also an option that is being considered.

Adela Micha could be in talks to return to Televisa with the project. PHOTO: MOISÉS PABLO / CUARTOSCURO.COM
Adela Micha could be in talks to return to Televisa with the project. PHOTO: MOISÉS PABLO / CUARTOSCURO.COM

After the rumored return, happiness has not stopped on social networks, because although it could sound like a topic away from the new generations, the “old school” that grew up with the program has been in charge of refreshing the panorama for the youngest, because although it’s in fashion The House of the Famous by Telemundo, the version Big Brother VIP it was a first big attempt to see big celebrities exposed 24 hours a day before cameras and microphones that documented their entire stay.

“The return of big brother Y The academy It’s everything that open television needed and we didn’t even know”. “20 years makes me feel a bit old, however I love the idea that new generations know the phenomenon that this program is and how important it was for us in 2002″. “For all those who love The House of the FamousHold on, the father of the chicks is coming, without a doubt the best show there is with the theme of having a person locked up and guarded 24 hours a day, being a witness to the whole step, “they wrote.

Yolanda Andrade could make her debut in "Big Brother" Photo: Twitter/@TVAztecaJalisco
Yolanda Andrade could make her debut in “Big Brother” Photo: Twitter/@TVAztecaJalisco

Big Brother Mexico is a Mexican reality show based on the original show big brother created by Dutch businessman John de Mol. The Mexican version emerged after the association in 2001 of the international production company Endemol and the chain Televisastarting broadcasts for the first time in March 2002 with a large audience.


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