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All About Star+’s Mexican Black Comedy “El Galán” That Laughs and Pays Tribute to the Soap Opera

No one could doubt that the king of Mexican soap operas was, was and will be. So it is logical that they have also produced Daring. TV turned on, he didn’tThe new Star+ black comedy series, which pays homage to the melodramatic stories that were all the rage in the 80s and 90s.

Produced by Argentina’s Mariano Cohn and Gaston Duprat—based on an idea by journalist and writer Horacio Convertini—12 episodes of this original Star Productions and Telemexico studio premiere will premiere today, Wednesday, June 8, on Disney’s adult streaming service.

The story describes with ironic humour the misadventures of Fabian Delmar, a heartthrob who starred in a successful soap opera 30 years ago and who tries to find his place today in a world that barely remembers him. Is.

A scene from “El Galan. The TV Changed, He Wasn’t” premiered on Star+.

a royal person

Daring Was filmed in Mexico and directed by Chava Cartas. And he chose a real man of the same genre as Humberto Zurita, the star of many soap operas of that golden age, as the protagonist.

“It was an opportunity to take on a character that came from my time and it was stereotyped with this idea of ​​a heartbeat. And to be able to really understand this issue of “what a heroic”: if he’s a lead actor or he’s only a mask and he’s only a man who was handsome,” a videoconference chat with several Latin Zurita father tells in American media.

Sebastian Zurita, who inherited his father’s business – he is also a producer and director – plays the protagonist as a young man, in another timeline that relates to the series and which serves as a tribute. does.

“El Galan. The TV turned, he didn’t”, in Star +.

“Valor” There is a series that makes fun of some of the stereotypes of our business. But it is also a small tribute to what the soap operas of the 80s and the symbolism of the great stars of the time were”, summarizes Jurita Son in the same dialogue by Zoom.

Sebastian is the son of Humberto and Argentine actress Christian Bach, a couple in fiction and real life. and he said that to prepare his role DaringHe began looking at some of the many novels his parents tried to “find the style and style he created and how he told his stories.”

The concept of “Galano”

The plot of, through 30-minute episodes Daring It takes place in the present day, three decades after the peak moment of the success of Fabian Delmar, an actor who achieved great fame as the star of the telenovela Noventosa you’ll be Mine,

“El Galan. The TV Turned On, He Didn’t”

“At the time, a telenovela’s heartbeat was often wrong, violent. He had a very different relationship than he has with his wife or his peers today. It was an opportunity to show the courage of our business and make people feel that way.” that these supposed heroes are nothing more than creatures of flesh and blood, struggling to survive and function”, reflects Humberto.

– What happens to them when they call them or call them heroic? How is the concept changing?

-Humberto: At the time, I didn’t process it well. I did not accept it. It was more annoying than rewarding, because the fact that they see you as a heartthrob was almost a bit detracting from your work as an actor. And in fact, past dominant men’s behavior has nothing to do with an educated person or one who upholds certain principles, certain values. It was like a shell and stayed there.

Series plot and message

“El Galan. The TV changed, he didn’t” from Star+.

The series appeals to flashbacks that address that time of heartthrob glory to try to unravel the secrets and pending accounts of its present.

From the beginning, it is seen that after spending the last fifteen years on the high seas as a cruise ship entertainer, Delmar returns to Mexico determined to regain the lost place in the great television industry. But it is clear that it will not be easy.

With the help of his right-hand man, Charlie (Dario Ripoll), Fabian spends his time in unsuccessful castings and pitiful shows, where he crosses paths with the real stars of Mexican television.

Meanwhile, he is torn between a desire for fame that will pit him against Melina Leclerc (Ana Claudia Talancón), a powerful television executive who owns an important secret in his life; And the potential for radical change is embedded in the woman he has just met.

“El Galan. The TV Turned On, He Didn’t”

– What do you think of Fabian Delmar? Do you find similarities with what he lived or what lives after?

-Humberto: No, I guess I was part of this television stereotype. But I don’t share many things with him. Fabián Delmar has come up with a mystery that is not known why he stops being on television for 30 years. And I totally don’t share the fact that his return is like taking back the leading man’s place he had, because he still thinks the same way he did then. Live in the past

-Sebastian: And there’s something interesting about exploring the character arc. One who has experienced that fame and that kind of fanaticism and success, suddenly has to look in the mirror and realize that the reality is completely different. And how is that illusion changing and what are the true goals of life. In that we resemble each other, in human character. We all have ambitions, we all want to keep working and do interesting things, but what matters most is how you relate to yourself and if you are happy doing what you do.

Sebastian Zurita, “El Galan. The TV Turned On, He Didn’t”

Character creation and new television

At some point in the conversation, Humberto would say that he was directed at the theater by his son. but This is the first time they are working together in a television series. With the global reach that streaming provides.

Says Sebastian, “We had several proposals for projects that did not materialise. I think this is another project of my father and I had to come to support him because he is a hero.”

“But I really like the way I was able to contribute to the series because it’s like a tribute to the golden age of Mexican television. And I, after growing up with them, was the last thing I did. , that was watching soap operas. So I was able to watch novels to try to see his mannerisms, his ways of speaking, I could see him working with his mother to create the novels that helped him What made him so famous; and from there it started to understand the role of the characters and how they acted,” he adds.

humberto jurita

humberto jurita

“It got very interesting because we started to build a character that would, eventually, allow for his return to what I do as a young man, how he enjoys that life, how he thinks he continues to be seen. And for that we had to create a tone of likeness and agree on how we think he would have lived his heyday,” she said about working closely with her father. I say.

-What style would you put “El Galan” in? And how do you think the series can convince a global audience?

-Humberto: Let me tell you that this is a kind of dramatic comedy, because there is a lot of acidity in its comedy part. The focus of that acid humor is on my character, because everyone else is still himself. The only one who hasn’t changed is the one who was left behind 30 years ago and doesn’t know how to settle his present life. It has moments of reflection on the one hand, and parody of it all on the other.

A scene from the series “El Galan. TV Changed, He Didn’t”, which just premiered on Star+.

-Sebastian: As far as how it’s going to resonate with international audiences, I think it’s a universal theme: Everyone in every country has their favorite actors, their stars, and everyone has an image. It is what they think their life should be like. And Mexican novels were exported everywhere. So, she is going to stay in some old memories. And at the same time, they are stories with relevant values: themes and feelings are universal; And the characters are cute in that sense.

-What major differences do you find between the traditional television of the time and the current streaming platforms?

-Humberto: Well, there is one fundamental thing which is gender diversification. In the series, we can touch on several genres that were not touched. It was just melodrama in soap operas. The content of the platforms had completely changed what a telenovela was.


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