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Alicia Witt’s parents found dead in their Massachusetts home: it’s a “surreal loss”

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The “Twin Peaks” actress has asked for her privacy after the unexpected loss of her mother and father at their Massachusetts home.

Alicia witt unfortunately announced the death of both parents in a press release Wednesday, December 22. The 46-year-old actress shared that her mother Diane witt (born Pietro) And father Robert witt was found dead in their Worcester, Massachusetts home on Monday, December 20. Robert was 87 and Diane 75. Besides the Orange is the new black actress, the couple are also survived by a son Ian Witt.

the Dune The child star said she had asked a family member for a checkup, despite not having heard from her mother and father for some time. “After not hearing from my parents for several days, I contacted a cousin who lives near my parents to monitor them,” she said in a statement to People. Her statement continued, asking for confidentiality after their loss. “Unfortunately, the result was unimaginable. I’m asking for a little privacy right now to cry and to understand this turn of events and surreal loss.

Alicia Witt'S Parents Found Dead In Their Massachusetts Home: It'S A &Quot;Surreal Loss&Quot; - Light Home News
Alicia shared the news of her parents’ deaths in a statement. (CraSH / imageSPACE / Shutterstock)

Police have not determined the cause of death, according to the Worcester Telegram & Gazette. A lieutenant told the local newspaper that there was no sign of trauma. Firefighters also checked to see if the air quality could endanger their health, but found no harmful gases. A neighbor told the newspaper the couple were left alone and believed they had been ill for some time before they died. A medical examiner will perform an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

Robert had been a college science teacher, while Diane was home schooling for the couple’s two children. During the 1980s, Alicia held a Guinness World Record for her hair, which was over 10 feet long. Diane had braided her long hair and piled it on top of her head. The actress had shared Pictures both Robert and Diane in the spring to wish them a happy father’s day and a happy mother’s day respectively.

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