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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Alicia Machado says that Bad Bunny’s kiss with a dancer was “a publicity stunt”

The kiss that the singer gave him bad bunny to one of his dancers during the MTV Video Music Awards 2022 generated reactions not only on social networks, but also among other celebrities, for example: Alicia Machado.

It turns out that the actress and former beauty queen attended the program as a guest hot table, of the Telemundo network, where the first thing the drivers asked him was about a comment he made on Instagram regarding the Puerto Rican reggaeton kiss.

Dancer who kissed Bad Bunny reacts to show at the MTV VMAs; “let’s go for more”

“What do you also like the Robertos, the Carlos, the Eduardos, the Josés! Strawberry and Chocolate. That’s the way it is!” Machado wrote on the social network.

So, on the television show, the famous first commented: “I think that kissing on stage is already a publicity stunt. Managers, please, it’s already a well-worn publicity stunt that young people don’t believe it, that’s it. The PR who advised him that I think was not right.

Then, he said that “we are already in 2022, I have a teenage daughter, we all have teenage children here… I think that not understanding Bad Bunny means not understanding our teenagers. In other words, society has to understand Bad Bunny because he represents our youth, our boys.”

“How is the world? Well, look at everyone against everyone, I like vanilla, I like rum with raisins, you understand me, I also like mayonnaise, “added the famous.

Also, the Venezuelan He stressed that what he criticized about the kiss was not that Bad Bunny gave it to another man, but that it is a well-worn aspect among celebrities.

“Why did he do it? Because she liked it, because a manager advised her or because youth is like this: one day they like one thing, another day another and that’s it, “concluded Alicia Machado.


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