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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Alicia Machado rants against Nacho Casano and he responds! (VIDEO)

  • Alicia Machado calls Nacho Casano a ‘misogynist’
  • Nacho Casano does not sit idly by and responds
  • The Mexican actor calls the former beauty queen “ignorant”

Alicia Machado against Nacho Casano. The final of La Casa de los Famosos brought with it many surprises and unexpected reactions from the public, many did not imagine that the Mexican actress Ivonne Montero was going to be the official winner of the second season of the famous Telemundo reality show.

The former beauty queen Alicia Machado, who was the first winner of the Telemundo reality show when it premiered, was all the time supporting her favorite Ivonne Montero. Now, she ranted against Nacho and called him the worst.

Alicia Machado against Nacho Casano: Alicia attacks the Argentine actor

Alicia Machado vs. Nacho Casano

In the grand finale of the Hispanic television network program, there was a lot of tension on the part of those present, including Nacho Casano, who many believed was going to be the great winner of La Casa de los Famosos. Nacho was involved in controversies for a few months.

However, Alicia Machado does not seem to have the best relationship with the Argentine actor, in fact they do not even know each other, but the former beauty queen did give her opinion about Casano’s behavior in the famous house, and the actor did not like it for nothing he said. Filed Under: Alicia Machado vs. Nacho Casano

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