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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Alicia Machado denounces abuse by Donald Trump

  • Alicia Machado confessed abuse by Donald Trump
  • The strong statements occurred during an interview with Yordi Rosado
  • The renowned actress confessed that she was kidnapped for 25 days

Alicia Machado, renowned actress, winner of the Miss Universe beauty contest, revealed adverse situations that she went through with the American tycoon Donald Trump, current former president of the United States, whose main characteristic was always his intensity when making speeches, which caused him popularity and memes on social networks. although not everything in its favor.

Yordi Rosado’s now classic interview has uncovered intimate but also complicated and delicate situations of the most renowned artists in Mexican and Latin American territory, now it was Alicia Machado’s turn, according to information from the agency The universal.

Alicia Machado makes strong statements about Trump

alice machado

In addition to the events suffered with Trump, the also winner of the first edition of “The House of Celebrities” delved into her participation in beauty contests, which occupied a large part of the interview she gave Yordi Rosado.

But the problem in the contests came when the millionaire Donald Trump took over the power of the contest, it was then that Alicia explained that she had been kidnapped in Trump’s house for around 25 days on the whim of the tycoon and that she even suffered “psychological abuse” from your part.

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