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Alicia Machado confesses the illness she has and breaks down in tears (VIDEO)

  • The former beauty queen ends up confessing what many feared
  • Alicia Machado confesses that she suffers from an illness
  • We explain what the disease that Machado has

Alicia Machado confesses illness. The controversial former beauty queen Alicia Machado, revealed to her public a secret that she had kept and that no one expected to hear. The presenter and businesswoman took the opportunity to do a live on her Instagram where she could not hold back her tears, because she ended up confessing the inevitable.

And it is that Machado is a woman who is very involved in controversy, either by giving her point of view that many do not think, or having fights with people. Let’s remember that the beautiful Venezuelan was part of Telemundo’s reality show ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ and she also gave a lot to talk about.

Alicia makes a strong confession about her health

Alicia Machado confesses illness

The live was made by the former beauty queen herself, however several media outlets shared the video where Machado makes a confession about an illness he has. On the verge of tears, Alicia reveals to her followers that sometimes her bad mood is due to fibromyalgia.

“The people around me know that I speak loudly, but it is difficult to carry this out. I don’t like that sometimes people think I’m rude or very serious, but sometimes that’s what happens to me, that’s what happens to me, “confessed the presenter with tears in her eyes. Filed Under: Alicia Machado confesses illness

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