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Ali and Aj are forced to shelter in place during the Sacramento mass shooting on the first night of the Tour

In another mass shooting in the US that left six dead, pop duo Ellie and AJ revealed that their bus was ‘caught in the crossfire’ of the deadly Sacramento attack.

“Shocked by last night’s mass shooting outside the venue in Sacramento,” the official tweeted. Ali and Aju The account on April 3 came hours after an attack in the California capital left six people dead and twelve suffering “injuries of varying degrees”. couple – sisters Alison Michalka33, and AJ Michalka, 30, – was inside his bus parked outside the Crest Theatre. “All our condolences are with the families of those who lost their lives and who are recovering today. We are praying for the health care workers taking care of them. We hope all our fans make it home safe,” he tweeted.

“Our bus got caught in the crossfire, but we took shelter in places and everyone in our touring group is fine,” the duo said. “Thanks to everyone who reached out. Today reminder to keep your loved ones closer. We have to do something about gun violence in this country.

Officials believe several shooters opened fire just steps from the Capitol. NBC News, “We know there was a major fight right before the shootout, and we’ve confirmed there are multiple shooters,” Sacramento Police Chief Cathy Lester said during a news conference on Sunday (April 3). The chief said officers heard gunshots near the scene at around 2 a.m., officers rushed to the scene, traced the injured and gave CPR. Chief Lester said, “The scale of violence that has been going on in my 27 years at the Sacramento Police Department is unprecedented.”

“The first thing I saw was the kind of victims,” ​​said berry aceus, a community worker said, according to NBC News. “I saw a young girl with a bunch of blood all over her body, a girl taking out a glass from her, a young girl screaming, ‘They killed my sister.’ A mother ran and said, ‘Where is my son? Has my son been shot?'”

The deceased were identified as Devaziya Turner29; Joshua Hoe-Luchesi32; Sergio Harris38; Jontaya Alexander21; Yamil Martinez-Andrade, 21; And Melinda Davis57. The injured were treated in regional hospitals.

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg Called the act a “silly and acceptable tragedy”. … “Can’t we have a sensible debate where, on one side of the line, you say that people who want to use firearms for sport or for hunting or, you know, one side of the line proper With self-defense, and on the other side of the line we say there’s no room for rapid-fire assault weapons anywhere, anyhow? I mean, can we have it? Can we make that distinction? Huh?”

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Reference from hollywoodlife.com

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