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Alfredo Adame’s son assured that because of his father he does not have a partner: “They are afraid”

Alfredo Adame has not had contact with his son Sebastiá (Photo: Instagram)

Alfredo Adame He is one of the most controversial characters in Mexican entertainment, since he is constantly involved in all kinds of fights or controversies. In addition, his relationship with his relatives has not been the best either, to the point that he came to disinherit his children and, recently, he noted that he was no longer willing to seek reconciliation with them.

But his way of acting seems to have begun to affect other people, because sebastian adame revealed that can’t get a partner because her suitors are afraid of being involved in some controversy with her father.

It was through your account Instagram where Adame’s son was tired of the constant behavior of the former presenter of Today and that they have indirectly affected him.

“They are afraid that my dad will go out talking about them (Although I haven’t spoken to him for two years,” he wrote.

Adame said that he does not want his children at his funeral (Photo: CUARTOSCURO)
Adame said that he does not want his children at his funeral (Photo: CUARTOSCURO)

Likewise, the young man pointed out that he has also had to live bad experiences with people who they only approach him for a little sporadic fame.

“This search for a relationship in this country is over, it is a nuisance. I better go to the gym and look in other countries, pBecause it seems that only those who are in other countries like me and that I can’t get there that easily”, he sentenced.

It should be remembered that the relationship between Adame and the children he had with Mary Paz Banquells has been stormy, since for a few years they broke all relationship due to multiple differences. However, recently and during his participation in the reality show I’m famous, get me out of here! Adame expressed his intentions to reconcile.

Adame's son said he couldn't get a partner (Photo: IG sebas_gaymer13)
Adame’s son said he couldn’t get a partner (Photo: IG sebas_gaymer13)

To this and on other occasions where the actor has expressed his desire to resume contact with his children, Sebastián Adame had been receptive, but he always made it a condition for the reunion that everything be away from the cameras, since he was not interested in put on a media show

However, the turning point occurred recently, when, within the framework of the Father’s day, Alfredo invited his relatives to a meal, but then he got upset because his invitation was turned down.

“It’s over, his last chance was that. I do not take the initiative in anything at all.”, he pointed out. In the same way, he reiterated that on the day of his funeral they will not enter, that only her daughter Vanessa and her grandchildren, María José and Santiago will be there, “she said during a recent meeting with the media.

Likewise, Alfredo stressed that he does not want his children to enter the funeral when the time comes for him to die.

Alfredo Adame has publicly attacked his children (Photos: Gettyimages, Instagram/yrma_lydya)
Alfredo Adame has publicly attacked his children (Photos: Gettyimages, Instagram/yrma_lydya)

“The day I die, my daughter Vanessa, who is my heir to everything, will enter. My grandchildren María José and Santiago (…) The people that I really consider my friends are going to enter, they do not enter”, he reiterated.

For its part, Sebastian clarified his version of the story and said that he had spoken with his father before to tell him that if they were going to reconcile, he should go away from the cameras.

“As for the message, it did come to me, I did not answer it because just what I asked for, it was exactly what broke. In fact, he emphasizes in that message that it will not be at home, it was Father’s Day lunch, which is going to be elsewhere. Besides, a reporter spoke to me to tell me that if I was going to be there, then, already I knew what I was going for,” said the young man.


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