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Alfredo Adame will not take legal action against Fofo Márquez and Rey Grupero for canvas

Alfredo Adame reveals that he will not take legal action against Rey Grupero and Fofo Márquez after it went viral that a blanket was hung outside the presenter’s house mocking his Karate and DJ skills, exclusively for MULTIMEDIA talked about what happened.

“No, I’m not angry, it doesn’t come to me, it doesn’t go away, it doesn’t help me at all, andthis is publicity for methe dogs bark, Sancho, a sign that we continue riding, I am not angry, I am surprised that someone could not have a life and go around doing such nonsense”.

Adame affirmed that the only thing that would have worried him is realizing at dawn when they put the blanket and in defense having shot against those who placed it.

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“ANDIn this house there are weapons, registered weapons and weapons that are for the protection of the housemy firearms (…) the first risk there, was 1, that a patrol passed by and they were caught climbing the fence doing something, I don’t know what could have happened, 2, that we found out, I’m a heavy sleeper , I didn’t hear anything, we would have realized it, I would have grabbed a gun, we would have gone up through the rooms and shot at those who are there”.

In addition, he assured that Rey Grupero and Fofo Márquez are committing a crime by sharing your phone number with your followers.

“Again, they republish my real phone, that’s already a crime, Carlos Trejo, King Grupero, Pablo Mendizábal and Gustavo Adolfo Infantethey have published my phone more than 50 times (…) that is the only thing that bothers me about all this, they transgressed again and that is a crime, it is a crime that can be paid with jail, unfortunately in Mexico the law in that sense is not clear and has terrible gaps.

They hang blanket against Alfredo Adame with ridicule and personal data | SPECIAL

On other topics, Alfredo spoke about the call he made a few days ago on social networks with which he intends to support young people who want to learn to be a DJ with scholarships.

“I always support people, especially youth (…) I am going to pay 10 scholarships with DJ Mario, and with another DJ, maybe two more, I’m going to pay 10 scholarships, which are 10 sessions for them to learn to be a DJthe condition that I set is that they be university or high school kids, that they are studying a career, clearly that they want to earn money, that they need money for their university, their books and all this stuff, and that they want to progress in life”.

He affirmed that thanks to his father he always taught his children to have a second profession, because it was the best inheritance he could leave them.

“As my dad used to say, the best tool they can give you is knowledge, learning”.

In relation to his children, the presenter confirmed that he has not had an approach with them despite the fact that he searched for them weeks before the celebration for Father’s Day and now he is the one who sets conditions for the meeting.

“The matter with my children is cold, I made a promise that when I returned to Mexico I was going to make them the offer to get together, instead of taking it or receiving it well, they took it because I wanted to advertise myself, with cameras and all the stuff (…) I already fulfilled, They didn’t respond and they didn’t say anything, the ball is no longer on my side, I’m not going to do anything again, the day they want, they can come and knock on my door and ask me to speak to me”.

He explained that in his opinion the mother of his children, Mary Paz Banquells, is the one who has not allowed this reconciliation.

“As the mother is manipulating them and continues to do them terrible damage, but, well, there they, I am not going to do anything again, I am not going to move a single finger”.

Alfredo Adame (Instagram).

Alfredo Adame (Instagram).

He ended the interview talking about his relationship with his ex-partner, Magaly ChavezAdame mentioned that despite the fact that they gave each other a second chance a few weeks ago, he no longer believes in her and is now looking for love with a new girl.

“Right now love does not play a main role, I tried again with this person, Magaly Chávez, it turned out to be a fraud and it’s over, right now of course I have prospects, right now I bring a beautiful girl between eyes and ears, we are doing it and we are going to tryOf course I’m going to do it, I’m going to look for love and if I die alone, then no way”.

Magaly Chávez clarifies her sentimental situation with Alfredo Adame.  (instagram)

Magaly Chávez had a fleeting relationship with Alfredo Adame. (instagram)


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