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Alfredo Adame will arrive at OnlyFans; “I have a body that any 25-year-old would like”

In recent months, Alfredo Adame has been a synonym of controversy. His statements, actions and projects have made the soap opera actor a character who is always in the eye of the hurricane.

On this occasion, after many rumors and the occasional statement, Alfredo Adame was finally able to confirm that he will enter the famous explicit content platform OnlyFansan act that has given much to talk about.

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In an interview offered by Alfredo through Facebook Live, reported that a friend asked for her help to open her OnlyFans account, and seeks the actor to help him pose next to her, without clothes, always covering some parts of the body.

“A friend is talking to me, a great body of a woman and she told me: ‘Help me, I want to do my first OnlyFans with you‘, that is, we go out naked and I cover myself with a leaf, then I think we are going to do it in a month or so, the entrance to OnlyFans ”

Adame mentioned that he is interested in such collaboration. However, he said that, at the moment, he is not planning on opening his own adult content account, although true to his style, he mentioned that, if he were to venture into the platform, he would have a resounding success since “she has a body that a 25-year-old would like.”

“I don’t know if I would really be interested in joining OnlyFans, I mean, I don’t see anything wrong with it, well whoever wants or whoever wants… right now I am much thinner, marked, I am 64 years old, I have a body that any 25-year-old guy would like, “said the actor.

Adame has shown that acting is not his only strength since he has delved into martial arts and also has his musical side by starting his career as a DJ.


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