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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Alfredo Adame sends a message to Rey Grupero and Fofo Márquez after a joke: “I don’t answer chipote with blood”

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Alfredo Adame has given much to talk about this week after the youtuber Rey Grupero and the influencer Fofo Marquez They played a prank on him: they hung a banner outside the driver’s house promoting karate classes.

This made the television presenter angry, but he assured that will not take legal action against young people. What he did do was send them a message during an interview on the show windowing.

Alfredo Adame is furious; they hang canvas outside his house offering karate classes

First, Adame talked about the joke: “I go out, I get there, I see the door open and a banner that says ‘Karate classes, dj’, pure stupidity. It is seen that this canvas was hung on a bridge and the photo is taken, he as very victorious, Rey Grupero, and the other buddy (Flabby). He has nothing to do, he is starving”.

Regarding the participation of Fofo Márquez in this matter, he commented: “Now I find out that he is a kid from Monterrey called Fofo Márquez, who is already being pimped by King Gruperohe is already putting it in his rolls ”.

“I want to tell this kid about the risk he ran by paying attention to this idiot: you know that there are weapons in this house, that kid doesn’t know what he could have gotten into,” he added.

Then, he sent a message to Rey and Fofo: “I tell both of them very clearly: I don’t answer Chipote with blood. In other words, nothing happens to me and I am not going to proceed legally because there is no case, and look, the lawyers do not cost me “.

Alfredo Adame attacks Cynthia Klitbo

In the same interview, Adame threw himself against Cynthia Klitbo, who recently appeared on a red carpet next to Rey Grupero: “He is a person with severe personality problems, alcohol, drug. She is neither the great actress nor the first actress that she says”.

“If Juan Vidal has already thrown it out, it is for something; imagine her with her psychotic personality, with alcohol, with drugs. Remember that even her daughter wanted to sue her, so imagine the panchos that she must have armed for this guy, and this cutie does not look like a drug addict, “she added.


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