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Alfredo Adame reveals details of his investigation against Gustavo Adolfo Infante: “Throw him off television”

Alfredo Adame He attended the program this Friday Gossipof multimediato reveal more details of his investigation against Gustavo Adolfo Infantehost of the show First hand.

First, the former presenter of the morning newspaper Hoy said that “I and my fellow actors are fed up that our life, name and prestige are in the mouth of a mythomaniac, liar, alcoholic, drug addict, a disgusting person. We are already fed up! Mr Enrique Guzman Mr. Sergio Mayer, Mrs. Gabriela Spanic are already accusing… There is already a brotherhood where everything is going to be amalgamated, we will denounce together”.

Alfredo Adame says he has evidence of six alleged complaints against Gustavo Adolfo Infante

Later, he revealed that “The purpose is not to put him in jail, I’m not interested; It is not humiliating him, insulting him or insulting him for free. The goal is to get him off television.”

Mexican television cannot be in the hands of a guy like this; There is nothing more dangerous for a country than a mythomaniac who the first thing he does is gild the pill to the actors and then stab them in order to get a pig rating point, “added the host.

Likewise, Adam She recalled that before “she got on well with him, He told me: ‘Give me a rating’, the one who gave him the most rating was me”, but their friendship ended when “one day he started attacking me, he led my son to say that I am homophobic, that I am a bad father. That was caused by Gustavo, he took him to the program along with the manipulated mother and that’s where I got enchilada “.

“I answered him and he began to take Rey Grupero and Trejo so that they would not vote for me. He said that I was a money launderer, that I had ties to drug trafficking and all this. After a year and a half of putting up with it, I answered him and told his truths about his black past. The past is an implacable shadow that will haunt you all your life”.

Adame then introduced Juan Bermudez, an investigator with whom he works in his investigation against Infante: “He is the best police investigator in Mexico, he is internationally recognized for all this. When he started the row very strongly, he called me Juan and told me ‘I have information that this guy is not a journalist.’ You do not have a professional license, you are not in the professional registers”.

Then, Bermúdez commented: “When I began to investigate in the national registry of professionals, in the pages where the professional IDs of the SEP are authorized, his name does not appear. And he uses two names: Seañez, which is his stage name, and Morales is the real one”.

Before the question of what affects Adame that the communicator does not have a title, the television presenter replied: “That he went and filed a criminal complaint against me in a journalists’ protection prosecutor’s office saying that I was a drug trafficker, that I was a money launderer, that I trafficked in arms, that I had links with drug traffickers, he even mentioned the names of a very powerful family. How can a guy who doesn’t have a career as a journalist be in a Prosecutor’s Office asking for the protection of justice? That they send me a restraining order where money from the treasury is spent with a friend who is usurping a function, which is that of a journalist?


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