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Alfredo Adame reacted to Carlos Trejo’s meeting with Magaly Chávez: “Grass is received”

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Again the name of Alfredo Adame it was possible to position itself as a trend in social networks for his comments on the meeting of his ex-partner, Magaly Chávez with her well-known public enemy, Carlos Trejo.

On August 10, the also known as “The Ghostbusters” He shared the controversial photo on his Instagram account and quickly went viral with ridicule towards Alfredo Adame when Magaly Chávez’s “betrayal” was seen in public.

Likewise, Carlos Trejo revealed that he has become close to the actress since she and Adame ended their courtship, including he wants to put it in several of his projectsThis after in recent months he railed against Magaly for allegedly justifying all the actions of his then partner.

She is an excellent woman, that’s what I can tell you, very attractive. I already have plans, she will surely be the queen of Terror Festival What am I going to do (…) I want to see it through for several projects that I have”, remarked the 59-year-old novelist.

As expected, Alfredo Adame did not contain the desire to comment on the subject and shared a photo on his Instagram account making fun of the meeting between Magaly Chávez and Carlos Trejo: “Hahahahahahahaha you receive gravel”, wrote the former presenter of Today.

Within the reactions bar, some users divided opinions about Adame’s reaction, as they pointed out that they made him look “burned”, although another sector more attached to the former participant of I’m famous, get me out of here!regretted the position of Magaly Chávez.

Users share opinions about the meeting between Magaly Chávez and Carlos Trejo Photo: Instagram/@adamereacciona
Users share opinions about the meeting between Magaly Chávez and Carlos Trejo Photo: Instagram/@adamereacciona

“Well you just blah blah my Adame and at the mere hour you don’t even raffle.” “Well, it was to be expected… don’t even flinch Alfredo! Not worth it”. “How sad, dear, after he flew so high for you, how low it is to fall so low,” are some reactions recovered from the comment box.

It should be remembered that only last April ghostbusters He assured that Magaly defended Adame from all his controversies because he tried to “have a man” at all costs, which was leading her to “burn out”.

“Poor woman, try to have a name and poor thing is burning. After all, the partner of this man (Alfredo Adame) is this Fernando who lives with him and with whom he has always been for many years, “he said in an interview with come the joy.

During the first week of August, Magaly Chávez asked her ex-boyfriend to leave her alone, since the actor continues to harass her publicly whenever he can and through social networks.


And it is that in a photograph that Adame shared with editing, he wrote: “Yuuupi !! I already have filters like @magaly_chavezoficial”, so she immediately replied to him. “Get over me sir!!!! Or do you have nothing else to talk about? Any fight out there??? Nope? Come on, put on another show, you see that I hang on to your fame hahahahaha,” he commented.

Previously, Magaly mentioned that the histrion could have been unfaithful within I’m famous, get me out of here or what was there played with her not wanting a stable relationship, besides being a person violent.

“The one who ended the relationship was him and he did not want to explain, he did not want to try, he did not want to admit his mistake and that He tells me about a person who didn’t love me, who was just playing with me., who said the words to the air and did not feel them. That is the only thing that made me understand”, said Magaly inside the reality show when they ended their romance


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