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Alfredo Adame on his meeting with Laura Bozzo on a plane: “I was running around”

Alfredo Adame a media battle continues against Laura Bozzo, whom he warned that he would report to the authorities on more than one occasion. At the beginning of the year, the actor assured that he hoped never to run into her or “he would have a heart attack”; However, by chance, he coincided with her on a flight and her reaction sparked controversy.

The former driver of Today He was captured at the Mexico City airport, where he talked about a recent trip he made to Monterrey where he met Laura Bozzo.

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As a joke, Alfredo Adame -who continues his career as a DJ- pointed out that surely the Peruvian driver had traveled to record a movie.

“She comes because she is filming The Mummy 14 there in some dunes that are close to Monterrey,” he said in an interview for the YouTube channel De la rosa tv. “She was also hired for a Halloween promotion to get on airplanes to scare children.”

Alfredo Adame continued to attack the former participant of The House of Celebrities and pointed out that Laura Bozzo was probably chasing him and therefore they traveled on the same plane.

“This witch was chasing me, she found out that I was in Monclova and I think even Monclova was going to look for me,” said the driver who claimed not to have greeted the driver.

“For a little while and it gives me a heart attack, I’m already 64 years old, she’s 78… She’s doing The Mummy 14 retracted and remastered. I passed her by in the aisle of the plane, but the truth is I don’t know (if she saw me)” .

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Also, the actor mentioned that he was not sure he wanted to enter a reality show like The House of Celebrities, which he has just confirmed is preparing a third season.

Depending on who’s going, I wanted to go in when Bozzo was there to get it done fast., but well it depends on who goes. If the cast is good and the thing is going to be good to generate interest, perfect, if not, I’d better stay doing my DJ stuff, “he added.


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