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Monday, September 26, 2022

Alfredo Adame launches a strong request to his children: “The day I die I do not want to see them”

A new controversy is added to the life of Alfredo Adame, a couple of days ago he was exposed by his ex-partner, Magaly Chávez after the actor tried to mock her on his social networks. The influencer publicly asked him to leave her alone and also suggested “find a fight with someone else.”

It seems that the actor followed the recommendation and He once again brought to light the conflict he has with his children, the surprising thing is that now he hinted that he will not seek any reconciliation with them unless it is Diego, Alejandro or Sebastián who are looking for him.

Despite the fact that a couple of weeks ago everyone was moved by Adame’s message on the reality show I’m famous, get me out of here where He asked his children to meet again, now everyone was surprised after the actor’s most recent statements.

During an interview, the soap opera actor made it clear that if the children he had with Mary Paz Banquells do not look for him, they will not be able to approach him to say goodbye when he dies.

“It was the last thing I did, I will not touch that subject again. The day they want to fix up with me, they come and knock on my door, I’m not asking for an apology or anything, nor am I going to apologize or anythingbut the day they want them to come and knock on the door, “he told the program Venga la alegría.

He clarified that no matter how many years pass, supposedly he will not touch the subject of his relationship with his children again and it will not be him who takes the step for a reconciliation.

“And if 20 years go by, then no way. And if they don’t come, the day I die I don’t want to see them in my… I don’t want to, they won’t let them into my funeral or my chapel or anything, let them go to hell…”ended.

Sebastián, one of the sons of Alfredo Adame, has also given his position on the matter because on more than one occasion he has made it clear that none of his brothers will look for their father if they realize that it is a media show.


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