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Alfredo Adame explodes against Laura Zapata after insulting Mexicans: “I prefer idiots to self-kidnapping”

Laura Zapata He took the note of the week, well, it caused a stir on social networks, after the famous said that Mexicans are jerks. This to complain about people who receive social assistance from the federal government. Some celebrities have criticized her for her posture. However, who recently launched a strong statement against her was nothing more and nothing less than Alfredo Adame, who accused her of allegedly faking her kidnapping.

It was in an exclusive interview for Venga la Alegría where Alfredo Adame did not remain silent and without further ado launched himself against Laura Zapata when questioned about the most recent controversy he faced after giving his opinion on the federal government. And it is that Thalía’s sister assured that Mexico was a country of “eggs, of reaching out.”

Regina Orozco criticizes Laura Zapata for calling Mexicans “eggs”

What did Adam say? The famous indicated that he does not share Laura Zapata’s position regarding Mexicans. He explained that he prefers them to be jerks and not “alcoholics, drug addicts” or self-kidnapping. That is, he made reference to what the soap opera villain lived years ago:

“I don’t share it. I prefer that they be assholes than that they are alcoholics, drug addicts and kidnap themselves. With that lady (Laura Zapata) I don’t share anything. I don’t care what she says,” the famous sentenced.

In this sense, he assured that he gets along very well with Yolanda Andrade, who has also strongly criticized Laura Zapata. In addition to the fact that he said he did not care if Thalía financially supports the famous:

“I love Yolanda Andrade. I do not love the other lady because of her behavior,” he added.



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